Law & Government Word Scramble

A collection of law government word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Courtroom Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

bench, reasonable doubt, testimony, contempt, judge, acquittal, closing argument, plaintiff, district attorney, overruled, jury, evidence, objection, …

Law and Order Word Scramble Puzzle

Law and Order

Law & Government

arrest, lawyer, suspect, charge, morality, criminal, harm, law, illegal, court, attorney, society, judge, norms, legal rights, accused, guilty, jail

Humanitarian Law Word Scramble Puzzle

Humanitarian Law

Law & Government

humanitarian, genocide, ghetto, verdict, holocaust, dignity, violations, refugee, mutiny, neutral, negotiations, human rights, diplomatic relations, …

Coronation of King Charles III Word Scramble Puzzle

Coronation of King Charles III

Law & Government

charles, king , crown, jewels , coronation , royal, throne , london, commonwealth , castle , soldier, william, buckingham, harry, king, england, …

Election Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Election Day

Law & Government

democrat, select, state, poll, campaign, ballot, governor, candidate, choose, policy, constitution, senate, citizens, booth, vote, politics, …

Law & Government Word Scramble Puzzle

Law & Government

Law & Government

bureaucracy, human rights, majority, rules, senate, enforcement, military, police, representatives, minority, electoral, seizure, lobbying, diplomacy, …

U.S. Presidents Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. Presidents

Law & Government

jimmy carter, barack obama, herbert hoover, james madison, donald trump, william mckinley, george bush, ronald reagan, harry truman, john adams, bill …

Laws & Government Word Scramble Puzzle

Laws & Government

Law & Government

civil rights, democracy, protection, voting, constitution, freedom, legislative, suffrage, congress, riots, equal, liberties, impeachment, press, …

The British Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The British Empire

Law & Government

empire, democracy, history, colony, new zealand, canada, botswana, britain, prejudice, slavery, trade, cotton, gems, expansion, leader, egypt, …

Rules and Regulations Word Scramble Puzzle

Rules and Regulations

Law & Government

disposition, clerk, marriage, coroner, reinterment, public, superior, disinterment, remove, health, divorce, judicial, permit, laws, information, …

Structure and Principles of the Constitution Word Scramble Puzzle

Structure and Principles of the Constitution

Law & Government

amendments, articles, civil liberties, executive branch, judicial branch, legislative branch, federalism, checks and balances, ratification process, …

Politics and Governance Word Scramble Puzzle

Politics and Governance

Law & Government

dictatorship, citizen, nation, constitution, freedom, ballot, totalitarian, referendum, representative, article, election, globalization, democracy, …