Geography Word Scramble

A collection of geography word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Climate Change Word Scramble Puzzle

Climate Change


melting glaciers, flooding, solar radiation, greenhouse gas, environment, renewable resources, drought, rising temperatures, sea levels, extreme …

Weather and Climate Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather and Climate


humid, snow, cold, rain, heatwave, icy, clouds, windy, climate, atmosphere, freezing, tropical, frosty, hurricane, warm, hail, storm, sunny, floods, …

Ocean Word Scramble Puzzle



scuba diving, sand, reef, sharks, buoy, sea turtles, underwater, oysters, surfing, currents, snorkeling, coastline, tides, waves, beach, jellyfish, …

The Countryside Word Scramble Puzzle

The Countryside


tree , field , air , grass , lake , mountain , lovely , area, sky, railway , rainforest, explore, pleasant , village , plant , hill , island , flower …

Nature & Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

Nature & Environment


tundra, antarctic, islands, deserts, coral reefs, geysers, grasslands, forests, canyons, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, oceans, volcanoes, …

Layers of the Earth Word Scramble Puzzle

Layers of the Earth


outer core, oceanic crust, asthenosphere, plate tectonics, crust, earth, graphite, granite, inner core, bedrock, sand, mantle convection, rock, …

Earth Word Scramble Puzzle



canyon, continent, ocean, mountain, river, forest, desert, island, volcano, glacier, valley, beach, cave, earthquake, waterfall, climate

Earth Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Science


living things, inner core, igneous, lava, crust, outer core, sedimentary, mantle, magma, bacon, atmosphere, ocean, rock cycle, metamorphic, volcano, …

Bermuda Word Scramble Puzzle



atlantic, shipwreck, tourism, volcano, triangle, seabird, territory, pirate, tropical, onion, ocean, coconut, reef, seafood, archipelago, rooftop, …

Stones and Minerals Word Scramble Puzzle

Stones and Minerals


sandstone, feldspar, granite, marble, garnet, pyrite, soapstone, gypsum, slate, mica, hematite, talc, obsidian, gneiss, pumice, basalt, shale, …

Galapagos Islands Word Scramble Puzzle

Galapagos Islands


turtle, lava, penguin, equator, evolution, coral, volcano, national park, iguana, tectonic plates, birds, ecosystem, waves, pacific, exploration, …

The Old West Word Scramble Puzzle

The Old West


doc holliday, cattle drive, stagecoach, cowboy, gold mine, sheriff, saloon, outlaw, brand, ranch, wanted poster, horse, telegraph, campfire, corral, …

Save the Planet Word Scramble Puzzle

Save the Planet


protect, deforestation, greenhouse effect, drought, flood, pollution, nature, ecosystem, climate, recycling, danger, global warming, factory, …

Wild Wild West Word Scramble Puzzle

Wild Wild West


sheriff, lasso, indian, howdy, cattle, chaps, herd, vest, horse, rodeo, desert, cactus, cowgirl, pistol, spurs, gold, cowboy, boot, wagon, saddle

Things on a Map Word Scramble Puzzle

Things on a Map


ocean, village, forest, paths, lake, field, city, island, town, mountain, roads, bridge, river

Geography Word Scramble Puzzle



volcano, lake, flood, earthquake, africa, valley, island, river, delta, man made, gorge, deposition, desert, forest, erosion, waterfall, middle, …

Plate Tectonics Word Scramble Puzzle

Plate Tectonics


boundary, continental, convergent, divergent, drift, magnetic, magnetometer, pangaea, plate, pull, push, reversal, ridge, rift, seafloor, slab, …

Continents and Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle

Continents and Oceans


antarctica, indian ocean, asia, pacific ocean, south america, europe, arctic ocean, north america, africa, australia, atlantic ocean

Rocks & Minerals Word Scramble Puzzle

Rocks & Minerals


shale, quartzite, obsidian, limestone, halite, feldspar, calcite, gypsum, sandstone, basalt, dolomite, mica, pyrite, schist, granite, marble, …

Woodland Word Scramble Puzzle



fox, bird, nature, owl, monkey, safari, jungle, panda, forest, leaf, flower, raccoon, branch, giraffe, lion, acorn, rabbit, bear, tree, frog

Mapping the Ocean Floor Word Scramble Puzzle

Mapping the Ocean Floor


sea stack, seamount, continental rise, abyssal plain, hawaiian islands hot spot, neap tide, mid-ocean ridge, barrier islands, deep ocean trenches, …