Health & Fitness Word Scramble

A collection of health and fitness word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Digestive System Word Scramble Puzzle

Digestive System

Health & Fitness

appendix, system, chew, acid, saliva, digestive, stomach, rectum, liver, bladder, spleen, small intestine, tongue, teeth, hollow cavity, digestive …

Healthy Lifestyle Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Lifestyle

Health & Fitness

lean meats, organic, healthy recipes, water, vegetables, grains, seeds, vegetarian, vegan, dairy, eggs, nuts, cooking, exercise, fruits, breakfast, …

Workplace Health and Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Workplace Health and Safety

Health & Fitness

falls, hot surface, electric shock, legislation, burns, emergency, security, duty of care, ppe kits, safety equipment, codes of practice, evacuation …

Coping with Stress Word Scramble Puzzle

Coping with Stress

Health & Fitness

health, anxiety, stretch, self help, meditate, communicate, break, relax, sleep, counseling, love, friends, support, exercise, therapy, depression, …

Medication Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

insulin, nitroglycerin, pregabalin, bupropion, ziprasidone, methylprednisolone, citalopram, apixaban, pantoprazole, diazepam, levofloxacin, …

Common Illnesses Word Scramble Puzzle

Common Illnesses

Health & Fitness

mumps, diabetes, measles, ear infection, strep throat, alzheimer's disease, arthritis, pneumonia, stroke, bronchitis, heart disease, asthma, allergy, …

Hospital Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

ambulance, shop, surgeon, ultrasound, bed, anesthetist, doctor, patient, ward, x-ray, paramedic, counselor, oxygen mask, medication, nurse, cafe

Self-Care Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

reading, physical fitness, action plan, hygiene, self help, resilience, mindfulness, sleep, medication, responsibility, accountability, diet, …

Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

relaxation, volunteer, stress, spiritual, gardening, intellectual, financial, mindfulness, physical, exercise, social, mental, environmental

Health and Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Wellness

Health & Fitness

biking, no smoking, exercise, therapy, social, physical, reliable, emotional, volunteer, activities, coping, stress, financial, mental, goals, …

Addiction Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

priorities, prayer, cautious, recovery, exercise, humble, patience, stability, support, positive, lifestyle, therapy, commitment, willingness, …

Relapse Prevention Word Scramble Puzzle

Relapse Prevention

Health & Fitness

support, social pressure, hope, coping skills, thoughts, meetings, attitude, treatment, expectations, relapse, love, sobriety, mood change, addiction, …

Pharmacy Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

vial, ante room, solution, pharmacists, buffer area, medication safety, hospital, certification, unit dose, national drug code, ampule, syringe, …

Stress Relief Strategies Word Scramble Puzzle

Stress Relief Strategies

Health & Fitness

cooking, deep breathing, do a puzzle, watch a movie, write a letter, sing, sewing, arts and crafts, play board games, meditate, exercise, clean, …

Managing Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle

Managing Emotions

Health & Fitness

communicate, body language, passive, sad, respect, assertive, mental health, emotions, aggressive, proud, self esteem, listening, speaking skills, …

Head and Neck Word Scramble Puzzle

Head and Neck

Health & Fitness

teeth, mouth, scalp, neck, skull, eyes, cheeks, forehead, larynx, chin, throat, brain, nape, pharynx, hair, tongue, jaw, nose, lips, ears

Cardiovascular Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Cardiovascular Health

Health & Fitness

salmon, healthy diet, water, blood pressure, treadmill, avocado, almonds, hypertension, heart health, fish oil, heart attack, fats, cholesterol, …

Healthcare Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthcare Systems

Health & Fitness

therapy, departments, offices, centers, fda, health care, surgical, dental, workers, hospitals, hospice, premium, medical, facilities, optical, …

Healthy Bodies Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Bodies

Health & Fitness

hurdles, squat, dancing, dribble, high jump, gymnastics, skip rope, running, baseball, trampoline, football, yoga, volleyball, swim, soccer, shot put, …

Nutrition Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

calories, fats, sodium, minerals, protein, calcium, fruit, ingredients, serving, cereal, nutrition, vitamins, unsaturated, fiber, healthy, …

Well Balanced Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Well Balanced Life

Health & Fitness

encouragement, reading, caring, healthy, joyous, meditation, energy, positive, music, confident, happy, strong, love, exercise, learning, balance