Tools & Equipment Word Scramble

A collection of tools equipment word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Welding Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

tee joint, welding symbols, safety glasses, acetylene, lap joint, contact tip, oxygen, ground clamp, cutting torch, electrode holder, electrode lead, …

Appliances Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

juicer, toaster, blender, dryer, dehumidifier, range, slow cooker, microwave, refrigerator, can opener, mixer, dishwasher, exhaust fan, cook top, …

Things to Do with Steel Word Scramble Puzzle

Things to Do with Steel

Tools & Equipment

center buckle, scratches, galvanized, skids, cold roll, sheet lifter, hot roll, rust, overhead crane, pickled, fork side, leveling, safety, camber, …

Hand Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Hand Tools

Tools & Equipment

paint brush, mallet, sanding block, chisel, wrench, hammer, utility knife, screwdriver, c clamp, tape measure, trowel, pliers, level, putty knife, …

Woodworking Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Woodworking Tools

Tools & Equipment

sash cramp, tenon saw, marking gauge, steel rule, try square, mallet, belt sander, g clamp, chisel, mortise gauge, vise, saw board, plane, flat file, …

Kitchen Service Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Service Equipment

Tools & Equipment

sifter, can opener, potato masher, corer, soup ladle, kitchen tongs, spatula, blender, hand mixer, cake pans, skillet, wooden spoon, rolling pin, …

Synthetic & Natural Fibres Word Scramble Puzzle

Synthetic & Natural Fibres

Tools & Equipment

modal, wool, raffia, pvc, cupro, nylon, triacetate, ployurethane, elastane, pina, linen, mohair, acetate, polyester, lyocell, hemp, acrylic, silk, …

Tools Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

hammer, screwdriver, tape, wrench, spanner, measuring tape, pliers, utility knife, spirit level, torches, clamp, safety glasses

Tools & Equipments - 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Tools & Equipments - 2

Tools & Equipment

lawnmower, trowel, blower, handsaw, welding, soldering iron, caulking gun, washer, putty knife, scroll saw, compressor, hand plane, trimmer, chainsaw, …

Nail Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Nail Technology

Tools & Equipment

primer, cure, monomer, towel, dust, nail plate, removal, after care, nippers, clippers, natural, contamination, blending, buffer, sidewalls, acrylic, …

Welding Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Welding Terms

Tools & Equipment

melting rate, mig welding, current, liquidis, corner joint, edge joint, cap, flowmeter, jig, arc, fusion, electrode, bevel, flashburn, leads, arc …

Sheet Metal Work Word Scramble Puzzle

Sheet Metal Work

Tools & Equipment

duct, snips, field, jobsite, hanger, fitting, hammer, screw, forming, metal, diffuser, plenum, branch, screwdriver, crimpers, sealant, riser, rivet, …

Combustion Engine Word Scramble Puzzle

Combustion Engine

Tools & Equipment

intake, cylinder head, fuel injector, cylinder, power, lifter, compression, exhaust, camshaft, valve, crankshaft, turbocharger, rocker arm, camshaft …

Engine Cylinder Blocks Word Scramble Puzzle

Engine Cylinder Blocks

Tools & Equipment

camshaft, cylinder liner, cylinder block, seal housing, main bearing cap, connecting rod, oil pan, piston, cylinder head, crankshaft, flywheel …

Containers Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

amphora, hopper, hamper, vault, hutch, wastebasket, basin, bucket, locker, drum, chest, carafe, backpack, cooler, canister, barrel, lunchbox

Woodworking Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

carving, jigsaw, router, clamps, carpenter, wood glue, screws, nails, woodturning, varnish, sanding block, chisel, sandpaper, band saw, plane, …

Power Tools & Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Power Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment

screw gun, scissor lift, sledge hammer, scaffolding, hole saw, jig saw, wheelbarrow, circular saw, compressor, ladder, crow bar, sander, shovel, tile …

Tools & Equipments Word Scramble Puzzle

Tools & Equipments

Tools & Equipment

wrench, nail gun, tape, socket, staple gun, level, chisel, jigsaw, ratchet, router, hammer drill, pliers, drill, circular saw, hammer, sander, angle …

Metal Detector Word Scramble Puzzle

Metal Detector

Tools & Equipment

seaweed, detector, excitement, treasures, dusty, silver, coin, attic, metal, detail, adventure, stories, junk, patience, shovel, military, research