Vocabulary Word Scramble

A collection of vocabulary word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Frequently Misspelled Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Frequently Misspelled Words


tried, pretty, something, babies, thought, believe, awful, beginning, usually, does, picture, would, often, every, there

Colour Idioms Word Scramble Puzzle

Colour Idioms


to be a shrinking violet, to be tickled pink, to see red, to be green around the gills, to be yellow bellied, to give a black look, to be green with …

Week Days and Months Word Scramble Puzzle

Week Days and Months


january, july, october, september, thrusday, wednesday, may, april, august, monday, june, friday, sunday, novmber, decmeber, tuesday, february, …

Cooking Verbs Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Cooking Verbs Vocabulary


broil, blend, squeeze, float, grate, grill, combine, chop, press, peel, drain, serve, measure, slice, melt

Commonly Misspelt Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Commonly Misspelt Words


accommodation, definitely, separate, receive, necessary, calendar, tomorrow, occasion, restaurant, manoeuvre, embarrass, privilege, cemetery, …

Positive Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive Adjectives


cheerful, compassionate, artistic, outgoing, courteous, active, noteworthy, thoughtful, gracious, adept, imaginative, productive, brave, admirable, …

Compound Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Words


blueberry, birdhouse, suitcase, classroom, daydream, airplane, cartwheel, popcorn, doghouse, goodnight, wildlife, countdown, icecream, hotdog, …

British Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

British Vocabulary


knickerbockers, secondary school, bloke, surname, rations, lot, holiday, london, post, professor, blasted, ruddy, underground, parcel, parchment, …

Common and Proper Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Common and Proper Nouns


stars, pedestal, setting, plants, character, walter, crown, stem, halloween, symbol, stripes, command, question, main idea, henry, october, statement, …

Simple Past Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Simple Past Verbs


rode, won, fell, stole, went, wore, gave, wrote, came, felt, put, drank, had, slept, began, left, read, ate, ran, fought

Common Prepositions Word Scramble Puzzle

Common Prepositions


until, with, without, under, over, after, from, into, through, between, about, for, along, down

ADJECTIVES Word Scramble Puzzle



aggressive, careful, cheerful, interesting, slow, bad, busy, beautiful, fast, upset, bored, good, old, lazy

Words with au and ou Word Scramble Puzzle

Words with 'au' and 'ou'


boundary, applaud, country, mispronounce, countdown, sausage, naughty, launch, surround, taught, audience, autumn, couple, faucet, vault, exhausted, …

Words Meaning Funny Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Meaning Funny


wacky, comical, witty, silly, amusing, goofy, hilarious, entertaining, humorous, laughable

Comparatives Word Scramble Puzzle



cleaner, stronger, dirtier, longer, shorter, funnier, newer, hotter, colder, younger, weaker, quicker, nicer, fatter, thinner, louder, taller, better, …

3rd Grade Word Scramble Puzzle

3rd Grade


shelf, blind, crawl, town, library, prize, change, move, grass, warm, health, dinner, lunch, window, funny, holiday, garden, wrist, about, straight

Interjections Word Scramble Puzzle



goodbye, indeed, alright, ouch, bingo, aloha, congratulations, guy, listen, excellent, yes, stop, behold, oops, hurray, voila, wait, oh, alas, …

Writing Skills Class Word Scramble Puzzle

Writing Skills Class


rising action, dialogue, punctuation, conclusion, exposition, adjectives, falling action, capitalization, indent, quotation marks, nouns, details, …

Compound Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Spelling


sunburned, faraway, something, himself, afternoon, someone, grandmother, homework, sometimes, everything, anyone, cannot, airplane, everybody, …

English Literary Devices/Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

English Literary Devices/Terms


tone, imagery, literature, foreshadowing, point of view, syntax, diction, mood, juxtaposition, metaphor, simile , hyperbole , allusion, onomatopoeia, …

Verbs in the Past Word Scramble Puzzle

Verbs in the Past


shopped, asked, dealt, slept, understood, caught, found, studied, became, painted, watched, drank, cried, walked, appeared, dropped, worried, called, …