Vocabulary Word Scramble

A collection of vocabulary word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Week Days and Months Word Scramble Puzzle

Week Days and Months


january, july, october, september, thrusday, wednesday, may, april, august, monday, june, friday, sunday, novmber, decmeber, tuesday, february, …

Compound Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Words


blueberry, birdhouse, suitcase, classroom, daydream, airplane, cartwheel, popcorn, doghouse, goodnight, wildlife, countdown, icecream, hotdog, …

Continuous Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Continuous Verbs


studying, stopping, drinking, starting, cooking, doing, eating, listening, trying, living, working, seeing, swimming, finishing, closing, checking, …

Frequently Misspelled Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Frequently Misspelled Words


tried, pretty, something, babies, thought, believe, awful, beginning, usually, does, picture, would, often, every, there

Positive Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive Adjectives


cheerful, compassionate, artistic, outgoing, courteous, active, noteworthy, thoughtful, gracious, adept, imaginative, productive, brave, admirable, …

Descriptive Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Descriptive Adjectives


boring, lazy, bad, interesting, good, nice, fun, serious, smart, hardworking, funny, patient

Common Prepositions Word Scramble Puzzle

Common Prepositions


until, with, without, under, over, after, from, into, through, between, about, for, along, down

TH Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

TH Spelling


thick, thrived, thawing, thrifty, though, thorn, they, throat, thrive, think, therapy, thyroid, that, thank, there, these, thieve, thereby, through, …

Long I Sound (igh and ie) Word Scramble Puzzle

Long I Sound (igh and ie)


pine, light, drive, right, lie, thigh, kite, night, high, white, tie, pilot, die, fried, shiny, glide, pie

Simple Past Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Simple Past Verbs


rode, won, fell, stole, went, wore, gave, wrote, came, felt, put, drank, had, slept, began, left, read, ate, ran, fought

Red Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Red Words


the, is, and, of, for, be, with, his, see, do, her, he, put, you, so, was , saw, or, what, come

3rd Grade Word Scramble Puzzle

3rd Grade


shelf, blind, crawl, town, library, prize, change, move, grass, warm, health, dinner, lunch, window, funny, holiday, garden, wrist, about, straight

Cooking Verbs Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Cooking Verbs Vocabulary


broil, blend, squeeze, float, grate, grill, combine, chop, press, peel, drain, serve, measure, slice, melt

Phrasal Verb Word Scramble Puzzle

Phrasal Verb


take away, wipe off, set up, break up, hand out, work on, stand for, turn to, take out, look for, find out, hand in, pack up

English Literary Devices/Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

English Literary Devices/Terms


tone, imagery, literature, foreshadowing, point of view, syntax, diction, mood, juxtaposition, metaphor, simile , hyperbole , allusion, onomatopoeia, …

Spanish Numbers Word Scramble Puzzle

Spanish Numbers


treinta y tres, diecidos, cinco, cincuenta y cinco, cuarenta y dos, cien, treinta y siete, veintiocho, diecinueve, cincuenta, seis, veinte, doce, …

Colour Idioms Word Scramble Puzzle

Colour Idioms


to be a shrinking violet, to be tickled pink, to see red, to be green around the gills, to be yellow bellied, to give a black look, to be green with …

Compound Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Spelling


sunburned, faraway, something, himself, afternoon, someone, grandmother, homework, sometimes, everything, anyone, cannot, airplane, everybody, …

Common and Proper Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Common and Proper Nouns


stars, pedestal, setting, plants, character, walter, crown, stem, halloween, symbol, stripes, command, question, main idea, henry, october, statement, …

ADJECTIVES Word Scramble Puzzle



aggressive, careful, cheerful, interesting, slow, bad, busy, beautiful, fast, upset, bored, good, old, lazy

Writing & Grammar Word Scramble Puzzle

Writing & Grammar


adjectives, dialogue, verbs, nouns, quotation marks, indent, capitalization, direct speech, conclusion, punctuation, details