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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Theatre Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Theatre Vocabulary


volume, house, etiquette, articulation, projection, upstage, arena, tempo, audience, traverse, down stage, tone, back stage, emotion, thrust, center …

The Classics Word Scramble Puzzle

The Classics


frankenstein, dracula, one hundred years of solitude, the catcher in the rye, jane eyre, to kill a mockingbird, little women, lord of the flies, …

The Lord of the Rings Word Scramble Puzzle

The Lord of the Rings


legolas, merry, gondor, aragorn, fantasy, hobbit, saruman, elrond, lord, dwarf, gimli, sam, gandalf, baggins, bilbo, rings, elves, frodo, wizard, …

Hocus Pocus Word Scramble Puzzle

Hocus Pocus


trick, max, treat, candle, spell, magic, hocus, halloween, allison, binx, cat, thackery, salem, candy, brew, pocus, cauldron, dani, potion, sanderson

Drama / Theatre Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Drama / Theatre Terms


script, stage, concentration, costumes, monologue, actress, sound, downstage, stage manager, character, theater, tableau, dialogue, actor, lights, …

Coronation of King Charles III Word Scramble Puzzle

Coronation of King Charles III

Law & Government

charles, king , crown, jewels , coronation , royal, throne , london, commonwealth , castle , soldier, william, buckingham, harry, king, england, …

Rules and Regulations Word Scramble Puzzle

Rules and Regulations

Law & Government

disposition, clerk, marriage, coroner, reinterment, public, superior, disinterment, remove, health, divorce, judicial, permit, laws, information, …

Structure and Principles of the Constitution Word Scramble Puzzle

Structure and Principles of the Constitution

Law & Government

amendments, articles, civil liberties, executive branch, judicial branch, legislative branch, federalism, checks and balances, ratification process, …

Politics and Governance Word Scramble Puzzle

Politics and Governance

Law & Government

dictatorship, citizen, nation, constitution, freedom, ballot, totalitarian, referendum, representative, article, election, globalization, democracy, …

Study Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Study Habits


materials ready, practice, ask questions, breaks, tests, goal setting, focus, agenda, no tv, healthy snacks, note taking, assignments, homework, …

Parallelogram Word Scramble Puzzle



side, vertex, angle, adjacent, opposite, diagonal, parallel, quadrilateral, trapezoid, parallelogram, bisect

Career Explorer Word Scramble Puzzle

Career Explorer


pilot, zookeeper, policeman, doctor, banker, professor, economist, sheriff, lawyer, lifeguard, caterer, veterinarian, musician, marketer, caregiver, …

Ghost Towns and Almost Ghost Towns Word Scramble Puzzle

Ghost Towns and Almost Ghost Towns

Cities & Places

stonehenge, vidora, lac vert, readlyn, glasnevin, khedive, colgate, killdeer, reynaud, melaval, keeler, wartime, marysburg, fulda, amulet, lacadena, …

Southern States Word Scramble Puzzle

Southern States

Cities & Places

north carolina, florida, kentucky, oklahoma, arkansas, texas, mississippi, georgia, south carolina, tennessee, louisiana, alabama

Wild Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Wild Weather


wind, drought, heatwave, weather, thunderstorm, ice, lightning, shelter, flash flood, snow, air pressure, fog, rain, damage

Weather and Geographical Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather and Geographical Features


lake, wide, icy, snowy, long, river, field, deep, water, snow, foggy, cliff, island, windy, sunny, high, cloudy, mountain, rainy

Forests Word Scramble Puzzle



deforestation, under story, forest floor, timber, branches, ferns, shade, trees, habitat, bark, conservation, leaves, logging, ecosystem, trunk, …

Professionalism Word Scramble Puzzle



critical thinking, patience, organization, work ethics, constructive criticism, integrity, punctuality, teamwork, professionalism, hard skills, self …

Call Center Word Scramble Puzzle

Call Center


communicate, search, phone, center, rules, georgia, facts, name, notes, agent, speak, code, number, request, call, advise, answer

Garage Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

bike, washer, fan, shovel, cords, rack, screwdriver, ladder, gutters, broom, drill, hose, mower, heater, cabinets

Household Cleaning Products Word Scramble Puzzle

Household Cleaning Products

Home & Garden

surfactants, green, active, glass, stain, hydrophilic, scouring, bathroom, chlorine, mildew, sanitizers, general purpose, pathogens, brushes, …