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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Computing Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

software, binary, hardware, operating, system, memory, cpu , port, wan, output, lan, input

Computers & Information Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Computers & Information Technology

Computers & IT

sql, javascript, php, phishing, cyber crime, trojan, megabyte, java, virus, malware, python, database, encryption, worm, data, virtualization, …

Social Networks Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Networks

Computers & IT

quora, whatsapp, wechat, flickr, reddit, nextdoor, tumblr, tiktok, medium, periscope, twitter, facebook, meetup, pinterest, telegram, linkedin, …

Social Media Networks Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Media Networks

Computers & IT

okru, mixi, kik, clubhouse, viber, badoo, mylife, friendster, line, vkontakte, mewe, bebo, discord, tagged, ello, xanga, myspace, skype, twitch, …

Communication Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

landline, symbol, conversation, letter, emoji, instagram, email, video chat, emoticons, social media, card, birthday card, text message, postcard, …

Technology and Apps Word Scramble Puzzle

Technology and Apps

Computers & IT

kahoot, application, online, creativity, communication, seesaw, google, cloud library, virtual, keyboard, brainstorming, device, satellite, digital, …

Graphic Novel Conventions Word Scramble Puzzle

Graphic Novel Conventions

Comics & Animation

space, graphic weight, mid ground, size, gutter, background, foreground, splash, emanata, captions, line, speech bubble, transitions, color, panel, …

Princess Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

jasmine, tiana, aurora, mirabel, elena, pocahontas, rapunzel, anna, snow white, vanellope, elsa, cinderella, ariel, alice, sofia, belle, mulan

Ninjago Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

evil, fire, ice, zane, ninjas, lloyd, nya, water, kia, ninjago, jay, energy, earth, garmadon, cole, overlord

Art Vocabulary - Comics & Graphic Novels Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Vocabulary - Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics & Animation

history , contrast , dynamic , design , frame , onomatopoeia , pattern , graphic novel , texture , avengers , mystery , emphasis , superhero , pop …

Beauty and the Beast Word Scramble Puzzle

Beauty and the Beast

Comics & Animation

mirror , belle , dinner , tower , beast , bell jar , love , marriage , adventure , wolves , magic , woods , chip , rose , prisoner , castle , …

Places Around Town Word Scramble Puzzle

Places Around Town

Cities & Places

laundromat, department store, school, bus station, cafeteria, clinic, train station, hotel, barbershop, health club, drug store, bakery, video store, …

Cities and Towns of New Zealand Word Scramble Puzzle

Cities and Towns of New Zealand

Cities & Places

tauranga, dunedin, auckland, manukau, waitangi, queenstown, nelson, papatoetoe, kaikoura, gisborne, hamilton, taupo, arrowtown, greymouth, napier, …

Orlando Famous Places Word Scramble Puzzle

Orlando Famous Places

Cities & Places

lake eola park, crayola experience, disney world, universal studios, icon wheel, wekiwa springs, legoland, sea life aquarium, city walk, wekiva high, …

Geodesic Dome Word Scramble Puzzle

Geodesic Dome

Cities & Places

mud, building, glass, sphere, brick, metal, structure, concrete, stadium, wood, stone, construct, lantern, chamber, plastic, architecture, snow, …

Philippines Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

peso, bryce, copper, corn, sugarcane, international business, adobo, christianity, iron, manila, rice, beaches, philippines, democratic, nick, …

Countries and Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

Countries and Capitals

Cities & Places

beijing, australia, jerusalem, america, israel, santiago, new zealand, wellington, argentina, brazil, russia, moscow, canada, mexico city, new delhi, …

Historical & National Landmarks Word Scramble Puzzle

Historical & National Landmarks

Cities & Places

kennedy space center, mount rushmore, yellowstone national park, golden gate bridge, lincoln memorial, hoover dam, grand canyon, empire state …

Ohio is Great! Word Scramble Puzzle

Ohio is Great!

Cities & Places

drew carey, buckeye state, wright brothers, teflon, glacial grooves, neil armstrong, jesse owens, charles goodyear, thomas edison, cardinal, marietta, …

World City Word Scramble Puzzle

World City

Cities & Places

rio de janeiro, prague, athens, istanbul, paris, barcelona, rome, mumbai, new york, bangkok, toronto, buenos aires, singapore, amsterdam, london, …

American Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

American Cities

Cities & Places

las vegas, chicago, atlanta, seattle, tampa, new york city, philadelphia, houston, los angeles, minneapolis, miami, dallas, washington