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Nicknames Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

nate, joe, chris, fran, leo, tony, liz, jack, pam, kim, hank, jan, deb, ben, kate, don

Moral Law Word Scramble Puzzle

Moral Law

People & Society

teresa, standard, unchanging, exists, fundamental, hitler, law, injustice, reactions, theistic, rights, rightness, arguments, justice, moral, dissent

Social & Emotional Development Word Scramble Puzzle

Social & Emotional Development

People & Society

negativism , fear , jealousy , development , self esteem , egotism , moral , self image , empathy , temper , imaginary , imaginative , acceptance , …

When I Grow Up Word Scramble Puzzle

When I Grow Up

People & Society

police officer, estate agent, accountant, builder, paramedic, footballer, engineer, doctor, firefighter, receptionist, nurse, teacher, plumber, …

Sober Parenting Word Scramble Puzzle

Sober Parenting

People & Society

support, childcare, children, resiliency, caregivers, nurture, resources, strength, community, mother, confident, weakness, trust, challenging, goals, …

Assertive Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Assertive Communication

People & Society

aggressive, honest, arrogant, friendly, scared, eye contact, lonely, sensitive, passive, assertive, selfish, quiet, shy, hostile, behaviors, polite

Urban Legends Word Scramble Puzzle

Urban Legends

People & Society

horror, graveyard, folklore, urban, bloody mary, ghost, legends, beast, scary, terror, evil, myth, spooky, boogie man, hoax, cordelia

Indigenous Cultures Word Scramble Puzzle

Indigenous Cultures

People & Society

tribute, maya, montezuma, guatemala, sacrifice, agriculture, religion, aztecs, education, trade, inca, food, government, peru, tribes, corn

Feelings Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

excited, sad, tired, good, sorry, scared, sick, annoyed, angry, proud, lonely, curious, worried, sleepy, bad, upset, joyful, fearful, happy, hungry

Teen Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Teen Life

People & Society

driving, party, love, career plan, college, alcohol, music, rebellion, fashion, night club, exams, money, friendship, secrets, tattoo, school

Humor Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

attitude, self defeating, intelligence, humor, cartoons, skits, creativity, funny, jokes, self enhancing, affiliative, aggressive

Relationship Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

leadership, positive, be yourself, challenge, listen, motivation, peace, fulfillment, values, time, love, partnership, joy, attitude, honesty, …

Westward Expansion Word Scramble Puzzle

Westward Expansion

People & Society

trade, chinese, black hills, wagons, windmills, reservations, coolies, mountains, east, great basin, west, cowboys, german, great plains, homestead …

Decision Making Word Scramble Puzzle

Decision Making

People & Society

goals, laws, smart, tobacco, future, alcohol, pressure, dumb, family, habits, peers, consequences, relationships, decision, drugs

Meditation and Mandala Word Scramble Puzzle

Meditation and Mandala

People & Society

greed, intimate, dharma, time, nuns, tenacity, mind, mindset, monks, norm, effort, hatred, confidence, buddhist, wisdom, attitude

Independent Living Word Scramble Puzzle

Independent Living

People & Society

wants, environment, self esteem, adolescence, ethnic group, emotional, maturity, heredity, personality, character, needs, peers, puberty, social …

Family and Friends Word Scramble Puzzle

Family and Friends

People & Society

trip, park, craft, camp, picnic, boat, ride, fair, car, walk, party, july, children, friend, airplane, play

Settlement Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

rural, town, permanent, nucleated, site, mega city, village, dispersed, temporary, city, hierarchy, urban, land use, location, shopping, hamlet

Bill of Rights Word Scramble Puzzle

Bill of Rights

People & Society

punishment, bear arms, freedom, constitution, religion, press, soldiers, amendments, liberties, congress, speech, rights

Feudalism Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

castle, clergy, knights, manor, serf, guild, fief, mosques, fjords, mass, theology, serfs, monarchs, chivalry, concordat, plague, vassal, lords, …

Civics Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

rights, electoral, education, delegates, college, powers, national, supremacy, representatives, lawyers, federal, government, judges, mayors, …

Acts of Kindness Word Scramble Puzzle

Acts of Kindness

People & Society

generosity, humanity, kindhearted, mercy, empathy, caring, compassion, service, thoughtful, polite, grace, goodwill, charity, patience, sympathy, …

Friends Until the End Word Scramble Puzzle

Friends Until the End

People & Society

support, honesty, forgiveness, groups, movies, laughter, popcorn, smiles, commitment, trust, jokes, love, fun, bonding, patience, secrets

Affirmations Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

happy, strong, fun, helpful, proud, friendly, respectful, nice, sober, funny, powerful, positive, polite, humble, kind, worthy