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Some Like It Spicey Word Scramble Puzzle

Some Like It Spicey

Food & Drinks

quesadilla, enchilada, chipotle, guacamole, tostada, chorizo, ensalada, tortillas, cheese dip, chalupa, mole, fajita, burrito, salsa, taco, ceviche

Yeast Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

bread, dry, organism, yeast, sugar, fermentation, rise, warm, baking, dioxide, baker, active, moisture, carbohydrate, instant, carbon

Wine Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

oxidation, wine glasses, barrel, red wine, alcohol, berry, aroma, bottle, taste, cork, grapes, sweet, vineyard, white wine, winery, aging

Types of Honey Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Honey

Food & Drinks

The list of different types and varieties of honey. There are more than 300 types of honey exist today with different characteristic taste, flavor and color.

Low Sugar Foods Word Scramble Puzzle

Low Sugar Foods

Food & Drinks

pecans, lentils, hemp seeds, peas, lima beans, brazil nuts, walnuts, wild rice, chia seeds, quinoa, hazelnuts, pine nuts, mung beans, cashews, black …

Food Bank Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Bank

Food & Drinks

soup, tomato, pees, local, fish, fun, bags, tin, carrots, water, crisps, bank, food, pots, drinks, donate

Desserts Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

tart, yogurt, custard, dessert, fudge, baklava, cake, ice cream, fruit, cookie, muffin, toffee, doughnut, waffle, pie, pancake

Donut Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

coffee, frosting, maple, old fashioned, hole, sugar, blueberry, cinnamon, sprinkles, coconut, glazed, sweet, doughnut, chocolate, cider, cream

Italian Cooking Word Scramble Puzzle

Italian Cooking

Food & Drinks

tomato, fresh, parsley, amaretto, basil, al dente, pasta, pizza, lemon, spaghetti, olive oil, garlic, pastry, battuto, risotto, antipasti

Diets Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

low carb, omnivore, low sodium, vegetarian, gluten free, ketogenic, paleo, gaps, atkins, fruitarian, organic, zone, vegan, diabetic, alkaline, plant …

Cookies Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

Solve this Word search puzzles related to different types of cookies, crackers and biscuits.

Herbs and Spices Word Scramble Puzzle

Herbs and Spices

Food & Drinks

List of commonly used herbs and spices. These are part of various plants cultivated for their aromatic and pungent smell and has great significance in cooking and food recipes.

Ice Cream Parlor Word Scramble Puzzle

Ice Cream Parlor

Food & Drinks

spoon, banana, cherry, vanilla, whipped, cone, split, chocolate, cake, topping, scoop, cup, syrup, booth, birthday, parfait, smoothie, hot fudge, …

Tea Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Tea Time

Food & Drinks

yellow, fruit, brew, india, assam, water, additives, asian, cup, leaves, tea, japan, milk, dried, english, ceremony

Cup of Coffee Word Scramble Puzzle

Cup of Coffee

Food & Drinks

cappuccino, froth, decaf, instant, milk, caffeine, bean, whipped, thermos, latte, stir, cream, iced, spoon, filter, grind

Vegan Food Word Scramble Puzzle

Vegan Food

Food & Drinks

broccoli, raisins, kale, lentils, chickpeas, olive oil, tofu, almond milk, quinoa, avocado, spinach, coconut, rice, walnuts, soy milk, berries

Whats in the Fridge? Word Scramble Puzzle

What's in the Fridge?

Food & Drinks

jelly, beer, water, juice, milk, dressing, hot dogs, lettuce, brats, leftovers, mayonnaise, yogurt, cole slaw, fruit salad, eggs, cheese

French Patisserie Word Scramble Puzzle

French Patisserie

Food & Drinks

croissant, palmier, beignet, tuile, financier, gateau, pithivier, brioche, fraisier, madeleine, macaron, petit four, dariole, angel wings, tarte …

Pies Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

pumpkin, apricot, apple, strawberry, dutch apple, peach, chocolate, ice cream, raspberry, cherry, pecan, lemon, blueberry, blackberry, custard, key …

Fast Food Word Scramble Puzzle

Fast Food

Food & Drinks

burrito, burger, coleslaw, fries, nuggets, hotdog, milkshake, sandwich, taco, cola, coffee, onion rings, ketchup, mustard, relish, salad

Sauces Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

aioli, garlic, tomato, garum, tartar, mayonnaise, romesco, gravy, sour cream, tabasco, sriracha, chilli, corn, coffee, normande, mint

Kiwiana Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

tiki, gumboots, scones, anzac, freddagg, watties, edmonds, silverfern, topptwins, swanndri, buzzybee, kiwifruit, marmite, paua, jaffas, jandals, …

Whats on the Menu? Word Scramble Puzzle

What's on the Menu?

Food & Drinks

lunch, description, sides, soups, address, drinks, beer, entree, dinner, breakfast, wine, cocktails, salads, desserts, prices, appetizers

What in the Kitchen? Word Scramble Puzzle

What in the Kitchen?

Food & Drinks

cups, cabinets, glasses, hand mixer, pans, bowls, sink, pantry, microwave, faucet, toaster, magnets, containers, ice bucket, oven, dishes