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A collection of word search puzzles related to Disney. Choose from the following list to edit or download.

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  • Aladdin Word Search Puzzle


    Search puzzle about a fictional character Aladdin, from stories and tales of Arabian Nights. Aladdin is also an animated and musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney.

  • The Muppets Word Search Puzzle

    The Muppets

    The Muppets is a comedy television show. Muppet means an incompetent or foolish person. Find the characters related to this show.

  • Monsters, Inc. Word Search Puzzle

    Monsters, Inc.

    Monsters is a Walt Disney produced 3D computer animated comedy film that centers on two monsters. Find the words or things related to this movie.

  • Shrek Word Search Puzzle


    Shrek is a computer animated movie about a kind heart green ogre. He, along with his Donkey friend, saves rescues the beautiful Princess Fiona, who turns out to be an ogre herself.

  • Frozen Word Search Puzzle


    Frozen is a 3D animated musical fantasy comedy film with story of a fearless princess. Find the words related to this film.

  • Disney Villains Word Search Puzzle

    Disney Villains

    Words search based on the popular villain characters from Disney movies.

  • Disney Characters Word Search Puzzle

    Disney Characters

    Word search puzzle based on popular animated characters from Disney movies.

  • Disney Animated Movies Word Search Puzzle

    Disney Animated Movies

    Word search associated with terms related to popular animated movies by Disney.

  • Cinderella Word Search Puzzle


    Word search based on Cinderella, a romantic fantasy film by Walt Disney Pictures. Cinderella is depicted as beautiful, charming, elegant and gorgeous young woman.