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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Sculpture Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

additive, environment, etching, modeling, installations, texture, relief, medium, earthworks, assemblage, sculpture, casting, uniform, slicing, …

Waffle Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Waffle Day

Food & Drinks

batter, butter, oil, fork, jelly, waffle iron, waffle, toaster, belgian, whipped topping, blueberries, jam, chocolate chip, strawberries, eggs, syrup

Supernova Word Scramble Puzzle



sparkle, dying star, energy, explosion, collapse, core, crab nebula, pressure, brightest, burning, gravity, fuel, outward, balance, astronomy, shock …

Well Balanced Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Well Balanced Life

Health & Fitness

encouragement, reading, caring, healthy, joyous, meditation, energy, positive, music, confident, happy, strong, love, exercise, learning, balance

Law & Government Word Scramble Puzzle

Law & Government

Law & Government

bureaucracy, human rights, majority, rules, senate, enforcement, military, police, representatives, minority, electoral, seizure, lobbying, diplomacy, …

Nurses Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Nurses Week

Health & Fitness

medication, thermometer, syringe, patient, symptoms, bandages, stethoscope, vital signs, office visit, assessment, surgery, gloves, charting, …

Social Media Networks Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Media Networks

Computers & IT

okru, mixi, kik, clubhouse, viber, badoo, mylife, friendster, line, vkontakte, mewe, bebo, discord, tagged, ello, xanga, myspace, skype, twitch, …

Celebrity Word Scramble Puzzle



cory monteith, jennifer lawrence, shailene woodley, halle berry, julia roberts, george clooney, natalie portman, reese witherspoon, kate middleton, …

Cocktails Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

old fashioned, negroni, pina colada, mojito, mint julep, sazerac, jolly rancher, cosmopolitan, mai tai, moscow mule, daiquiri, bloody mary, whiskey …

Bartender Word Scramble Puzzle



ice bucket , tequila , corkscrew , cocktail , opener , measure , strainer , shaker , whiskey , pour , muddler , brandy , bottle , vodka , peanuts , …

U.S. Presidents Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. Presidents

Law & Government

jimmy carter, barack obama, herbert hoover, james madison, donald trump, william mckinley, george bush, ronald reagan, harry truman, john adams, bill …

4th Grade Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

4th Grade Spelling


employ, voyage, disappoint, enjoyment, anywhere, several, compare, weary, festival, plural, rejoice, overlook, sincerely, scarce, butcher

Fifth Grade Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

Fifth Grade Spelling


february, wednesday, luxurious, privilege, overwhelm, your, emigrate, deceive, glamour, linger, associate, aggressive, experience, mishap, rhythm, …

Mardi Grass Word Scramble Puzzle

Mardi Grass


new orleans, fat tuesday, parade, beads, dancing, costume, party, music, floats, gold, epiphany, celebration, feast, purple, crowds, carnival, queen, …

Mixtures Word Scramble Puzzle



measurements, salt, solutions, freeze, formula, experiment, separate, reaction, chemistry, concentration, compounds, melting point, chemicals, …

Medical Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Medical Terms

Health & Fitness

duodenotomy, dermatology, brainstem, xanthemia, melanoblast, blastocyte, gastralgia, carcinoma, bacillus, appendix, hydrophobia, acromegaly, …

Halloween Word Scramble Puzzle



Word scramble puzzle based on the Halloween terms and other scary stuff.

People & Society Word Scramble Puzzle

People & Society

People & Society

religion, inclusion, parenting, tradition, stereotype, gender, diversity, prejudice, identity, friendship, race, immigration, marriage, love, …

Months Word Scramble Puzzle



december, october, july, january, march, september, november, may, august, february, june, april

Watersheds & Wastewater Word Scramble Puzzle

Watersheds & Wastewater


watersheds, groundwater, plants, drinking, agriculture, chemicals, trash, streams, lakes, ocean, pollution, unhealthy, pesticides, fertilizers, …

Entrepreneurs Word Scramble Puzzle



asset, management, equity, customer service, revenue, flow, expenses, logo, cash, entrepreneur, consumers, statement, financial risk, advertising, …