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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Household Income Word Scramble Puzzle

Household Income


disposable income, wealth, interest rates, credit cards, debts, borrowing, consumer, income, interest, funds, income levels, household, capital …

Coal Mining Word Scramble Puzzle

Coal Mining


candle, canary, steam pump, hewers, black spit, gases, sad, davy lamp, cold, long hours, explosion, mine shaft, depressing, flooding, rats, coal …

1st Grade Sight Words Word Scramble Puzzle

1st Grade Sight Words


about, all, an, and, are, as, at, be, been, but, by, called, can, come, could , day, did, do , down

Haircutting and Styling Word Scramble Puzzle

Haircutting and Styling

Beauty & Fashion

curling, pretty, mousse, iron, pins, appointment, gel, shampoo, clipper, wave, shears, fashion, updo, conditioner, diffuser, lotion, brush, comb, …

Pets Word Scramble Puzzle



cats, dogs, bird, horse, hamster, mouse, snake, rats, rabbit, chicken, fish, lizard, bearded dragon

Hospital Week - Nurses Word Scramble Puzzle

Hospital Week - Nurses

Health & Fitness

excellent, problem solvers, good listeners, talented, magnificent, team players, critical thinkers, skilled, awesome, compassionate, marvelous, …

Books of The Bible Word Scramble Puzzle

Books of The Bible

People & Society

mark, hebrews, john, philippians, kings, jude, proverbs, timothy, peter, acts, job, esther, isaiah, genesis, luke, psalms, romans, ruth, james, …

Crops Word Scramble Puzzle



proso millet, sudan grass, soybean, barley, monocot, alflafa, field pea, sweet clover, sunflower oil, navy bean, lentils, sugar beet, wheatgrass, …

Rivers Word Scramble Puzzle



yangtze, brahmaputra, amazon, mekong, mississippi, nile, thames, volga, rhine, yenise, ganges, indus, euphrates, niger, danube, congo, colorado, …

African Lakes and Rivers Word Scramble Puzzle

African Lakes and Rivers


nubia, nile, victoria, albert, fianga, abaya, tana, kariba, hawasa, lake, zambezi, nasser, edward, niger, chad, limpopo, shala, nyasa, turkana, congo

Great Barrier Reef Word Scramble Puzzle

Great Barrier Reef


jellyfish, tropical, marine, reef, over fishing, sediment, squid, tourism, heritage, algae, sand, inhabit, water, seahorse, coral, australia, threat, …

Astrology Word Scramble Puzzle



pisces, leo, taurus, universe, stars, sagittarius, libra, capricorn, virgo, comet, gemini, scorpio, aries, aquarius, cancer, telescope, galaxy, space, …

Medieval Word Scramble Puzzle



spears, richness, royalty, knights, feast, cottage, coach, bow and arrow, bridge, dragon, treasure chest, catapult, castle, duchess, crown, cannon, …

Unicorn Word Scramble Puzzle



legendary, wild, sparkle, perfect, beast, mysterious, beautiful, rainbow, fairy, unicorn, myth, magical, mystical, tales, fantasy

Words Ending in I, Y, EY Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Ending in I, Y, EY


gallery, graffiti, attorney, barley, turkey, early, hungry, valley, company, country, salami, broccoli, ability, usually, shifty

English Word Scramble Puzzle



thesis, rhetorical, simile, ethos, introduction, idiom, appeals, conclusion, cohesion, metaphor, character, triad, hyperbole, personification, pathos, …

TH Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

TH Spelling


thick, thrived, thawing, thrifty, though, thorn, they, throat, thrive, think, therapy, thyroid, that, thank, there, these, thieve, thereby, through, …

Womens History Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's History Month


sally ride, harriet tubman, rosa parks, sojourner truth, florence joyner, serena williams, jackie kennedy, calamity jane, amelia earhart, helen …

Alfred Nobel Word Scramble Puzzle

Alfred Nobel


explosives, emil oskar, physics, dynamite, ludvig, sweden, safety, chemistry, mining, robert, caroline, nobel prize, nitroglycerin, alfred nobel, …

July Fourth Word Scramble Puzzle

July Fourth


congress, rights, independence, united, colonies, revolution, america, liberty, fireworks, barbecue, declaration, fourth, hotdogs, nation, parade, …

Films - Part 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Films - Part 2


the addams family, annie, the wizard of oz, grease, driving miss daisy, mamma mia, groundhog day, singing in the rain, some like it hot, mrs …