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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Energy Word Scramble Puzzle



geothermal, oil, translucent, electricity, heat, luminous, solar, electrical, hydro, petroleum, energy, renewable, matter, coal, mechanical, biomass, …

The Kentucky Derby Word Scramble Puzzle

The Kentucky Derby


hotdogs, derby, photo finish, festival, helmet, winner, parade, saddle, kentucky, excitement, place, horseshoe, track, goggles, jockey, horses, …

Heat Related Illnesses Word Scramble Puzzle

Heat Related Illnesses

Health & Fitness

heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sweating, sports drink, dehydration, temperature, caffeine, diabetes, ice bath, electrolytes

Emergency Word Scramble Puzzle


Safety & Prevention

lost child, assault, fainting, fall, fire truck, heart attack, fire, police car, accident, blackout, breaking in, car crash, drowning, robbery, …

Microscopes Word Scramble Puzzle



eyedropper, iodine, stage clips, mirror, focus, microscope, body tube, high power, cover slip, heat fix, eyepiece, field of view, cells, border, dry …

Daily Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Daily Activities

People & Society

wake up, walk, draw, read, dress up, exercise, watch tv, work, play games, have breakfast, talk, drive, school, clean up, shop, cook, write, shower, …

Easter Word Scramble Puzzle



eggs, easter, hide, seeds, hunt, tulip, buds, bunny, chocolate, lily, sunday, basket, april, grass, chick, candy, jellybeans, nest

Election Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Election Day

Law & Government

democrat, select, state, poll, campaign, ballot, governor, candidate, choose, policy, constitution, senate, citizens, booth, vote, politics, …

Poetry Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetry Devices

Books & Literature

hyperbole, imagery, rhyme scheme, central message, alliteration, consonance, onomatopoeia, repetition, symbolism, metaphor, enjambment, …

Migration Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

hibernation, urbanization, migrate, push factors, pull factors, refugee, pilgrimage, immigrants, emigration, climate, temperature, education, work, …

Business Word Scramble Puzzle



marketing mix, packaging, distribution, product innovation, marketing strategies, target market, competitive advantage, tangible, promotion, branding, …

Resume Word Scramble Puzzle



guidelines , career , experience , qualifications , objective , position , functional , interview , job application , cover letter , resume , …

Johnny Appleseed Word Scramble Puzzle

Johnny Appleseed

Agriculture & Farm

johnny, cooking, knapsack, west, snow, pot, planted, chapman, country, shoes, apple, people, walked, cider, animals, stars

Book Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Characters

Books & Literature

demeter, felicity, hermione granger, persephone, harry potter, watson, constance contraire, sticky washington, reynard muldoon, mags bogdonavich, …

Insect Word Scramble Puzzle



mosquito, cricket, ant, worm, beetle, moth, dragonfly, butterfly, bumblebee, ladybug, grasshopper, snail, caterpillar, spider

Happy Nurses Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Nurses Week

Health & Fitness

nerve block, pain nurses, kenalog, charts, omnicell, rygielski, probes, epidural injection, lead apron, epic, radio frequency, carobene, …

Cinco De Mayo Word Scramble Puzzle

Cinco De Mayo


Cinco De Mayo Word Scramble is a fun way to share more about this fun Mexican festival where you celebrate this festival with delicious food and drinks.

Ways to Relieve Stress Word Scramble Puzzle

Ways to Relieve Stress

Health & Fitness

read a book, go for a walk, play a game, coloring, do a sport, nature, hobbies, relax, listen to music, talk to someone, go outside, cope, deep …

Anxiety Reduction Word Scramble Puzzle

Anxiety Reduction

Health & Fitness

breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, visualization, nature walks, journaling, therapy, self care, exercise, social support, reducing …

Healthcare Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthcare Week

Health & Fitness

hospital, home health, nurse, stethoscope, injection, laboratory, village manor, vaccine, pharmacy, gift shop, catheter, pulse, communication, …

Art Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Terms

Arts & Crafts

scale , contrast , balance , space , lino printing , tone , texture , movement , shape , unity , pattern , form , colors , emphasis , line , …