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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Blobfish Word Scramble Puzzle



slow, small, ugly, blob fish, endangered, mouth, temperate, skin, scales, fold, fins, australia, bio luminescence, threatened

Dinosaur Word Scramble Puzzle



roar, tracks, fossil, teeth, discovery, triceratops, dinosaurs, herbivore, carnivore, museum, bones, stegosaurus

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Word Scramble Puzzle

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


whitewash, cats, cave, pirates, alone, elixirs, trouble, kissing, murder, mississippi, friends, island, comrade, reckon, killing, adventure, treasure, …

Nail Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Nail Technology

Tools & Equipment

primer, cure, monomer, towel, dust, nail plate, removal, after care, nippers, clippers, natural, contamination, blending, buffer, sidewalls, acrylic, …

Household Cleaning Products Word Scramble Puzzle

Household Cleaning Products

Home & Garden

surfactants, green, active, glass, stain, hydrophilic, scouring, bathroom, chlorine, mildew, sanitizers, general purpose, pathogens, brushes, …

Periods in History Word Scramble Puzzle

Periods in History


paleocene, eoarchean, oligocene, silurian, cambrian, ordovician, eocene, neoarchean, mesoarchean, jurassic, pleistocene, permian, cretaceous, miocene, …

Mardi Gras Word Scramble Puzzle

Mardi Gras


doubloon, new orleans, horses, bacchus, endymion, king cake, neutral ground, chicken chase, king gabriel, lafayette, mardi gras, masquerade, capuchin, …

Fourth of July Word Scramble Puzzle

Fourth of July


freedom, land of free, liberty, blue, patriotic, music, parade, july, founding fathers, red, hamburgers, fireworks, white, grill, american flag, …

Fathers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Father's Day


golf, june, brunch, visit, father, swim, games, grandpa, spring, family, love, sunday, sun, cards, play, ball, fish

Interpersonal Relationship Word Scramble Puzzle

Interpersonal Relationship

People & Society

interpersonal, colleagues, fear, dynamic, agreeableness, communication, respect, conclusions, emotions, collaboration, effective, shyness, people, …

Engine Cylinder Blocks Word Scramble Puzzle

Engine Cylinder Blocks

Tools & Equipment

camshaft, cylinder liner, cylinder block, seal housing, main bearing cap, connecting rod, oil pan, piston, cylinder head, crankshaft, flywheel …

Springtime Word Scramble Puzzle



blooming, melting snow, renewal, butterflies, colorful, fragrance, rebirth, cherry blossoms, blossoms, sunshine, breezy, longer days, gardening, …

Safety and Emergency Response Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety and Emergency Response

Health & Fitness

ambulance, hazard, black ice, emergency, ppe, rescue, dispatcher, poisonous, lock, caution, warning, firefighter, cpr, escape, helmet, first aid, seat …

Diseases Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

epidemic, outbreak, quarantine, pandemic, antibiotics, vaccine, symptoms, cough, immune, respiratory, fatigue, headache, virus, diagnosis, bacteria, …

Earths Rotation and Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Rotation and Revolution


green house, hemisphere, autumn, orbit, revolution, winter, spring, rotation, season, breeze, summer, monsoon, axis, latitude, longitude, equator

Parallelogram Word Scramble Puzzle



side, vertex, angle, adjacent, opposite, diagonal, parallel, quadrilateral, trapezoid, parallelogram, bisect

Mapping Word Scramble Puzzle



longitude, scale, equator, source, polaris, border, south, degrees, latitude, legend, east, prime meridian, orientation, title, compass, west, north, …

Angles Word Scramble Puzzle



acute, reflex, supplementary, straight angle, obtuse, circle, compose, protractor, conjugate, vertex, full rotation, degree symbol, degrees, ruler, …

Cognitive Psychology Word Scramble Puzzle

Cognitive Psychology

Health & Fitness

duration , henry molaison , schmolck , multistore model of memory , anterolateral temporal , maintenance rehearsal , dual task, cognition , baddeley , …

Brain and Neuropsychology Word Scramble Puzzle

Brain and Neuropsychology

Health & Fitness

the spinal cord, semantic memory, resonance imaging, sympathetic division , cerebral cortex, neurological damage , interpretive cortex, brain, …

Chemistry Word Scramble Puzzle



atom, molecule, reaction, bonding, periodic, acid, organic, inorganic, polymer, catalyst, electrochemical, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, …