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Waffle Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Waffle Day

Food & Drinks

batter, butter, oil, fork, jelly, waffle iron, waffle, toaster, belgian, whipped topping, blueberries, jam, chocolate chip, strawberries, eggs, syrup

Words Meaning Funny Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Meaning Funny


wacky, comical, witty, silly, amusing, goofy, hilarious, entertaining, humorous, laughable

Orange Shirt Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Orange Shirt Day


first nations, williams lake, bullying, residential schools, every child matters, survivors, reconciliation, indigenous, awareness, orange shirt, …

Hot Air Balloons Word Scramble Puzzle

Hot Air Balloons


special shapes, dawn patrol, mass ascension, burners, flight, helium, gondola, skirt, fiesta, glow, field, gas, panels, hot air balloon, envelope

American Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

American Cities

Cities & Places

las vegas, chicago, atlanta, seattle, tampa, new york city, philadelphia, houston, los angeles, minneapolis, miami, dallas, washington

Drinking Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Drinking Water

Health & Fitness

hydration, muscles, thirst, heart, blood, kidneys, brain, bottled water, bones, toxins, lungs, liver, daily, thyroid, flush out, digest, eight, …

Sin Entered The World Word Scramble Puzzle

Sin Entered The World

People & Society

full of food to eat, god, tree of, first two people, eve, to live in, adam, sin in world, disobedience, not die, ate fruit, told not to eat, beautiful …

Lunar Eclipse Word Scramble Puzzle

Lunar Eclipse


crescent, solar, watch, lunar, shine, earth, moon, phases, illumination, sun, shadow, revolution, between, night sky, astronomer, eclipse

Pudding Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

eggs, cups, cook, nuts, dish, pistachio, vanilla, pies, sugar, lemon, sweet, coconut, rice, cream, recipe, nutmeg, instant, milk, smooth, raisins

Law & Government Word Scramble Puzzle

Law & Government

Law & Government

bureaucracy, human rights, majority, rules, senate, enforcement, military, police, representatives, minority, electoral, seizure, lobbying, diplomacy, …

Breakfast Foods and Drinks Word Scramble Puzzle

Breakfast Foods and Drinks

Food & Drinks

hash browns, waffles, coffee, milk, sausage, omelet, donuts, toast, fruit, bacon, yogurt, orange juice, scrambled eggs, cereal, pancakes, oatmeal, …

Safety and Sanitation Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety and Sanitation

Health & Fitness

cross-contamination, personal hygiene, physical hazards, foodborne illness, bacteria, parasites, allergens, ready to eat foods, biological, clean, …

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Word Scramble Puzzle

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Books & Literature

whitewash, cats, cave, pirates, alone, elixirs, trouble, kissing, murder, mississippi, friends, island, comrade, reckon, killing, adventure, treasure, …

Animals of the Tundra Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals of the Tundra


wolverine, mountain goat, grizzly bear, ermine, lemming, polar bear, arctic hare, harp seal, arctic puffin, sea leopard

Outdoor Leisure Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Outdoor Leisure Activities


picnic, fishing, surfing, photography, golfing, tennis, sand volleyball, mini golf, jet skiing, camping, riding bike, yoga, bonfire, watching the …

Genealogy Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

branch, genealogy, aunt, family, son, tree, grandfather, daughter, marriage, uncle, cousin, generation, birth, census, record, grandmother, heirloom, …

Farm Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Farm Animals


kitten, squirrel, horse, pony, geese, rabbit, ducks, pigs, mouse, rooster, sheep, dog, swan, goats, chickens, birds, cow, hog, puppy

Time Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Time Management


effectiveness, order, problem solving, management, schedule, prioritize, success, procrastination, planning, time, task, responsibility, homework, …

Ancient Greek Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Greek Mythology

Religion & Belief

artemis, kronos, hebe, ares, atlas, apollo, prometheus, perseus, aphrodite, heracles, maia, hera, hesitate, griffin, persephone, poseidon, hephaestus, …

Early Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Early Civilizations


government, persia, egypt, harappa, art, dynasty, indus, mesopotamia, sumerian, olmec, settlement, maya, technology, society, fertile, valley

Fire Prevention Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Prevention

Safety & Prevention

hazard, emergency, flames, prevention, safety, fuel, extinguisher, hot work, oxygen, exits, gas, rescue, sprinkler, water, alarm, fire drill, escape …