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Cities and Towns of New Zealand Word Scramble Puzzle

Cities and Towns of New Zealand

Cities & Places

tauranga, dunedin, auckland, manukau, waitangi, queenstown, nelson, papatoetoe, kaikoura, gisborne, hamilton, taupo, arrowtown, greymouth, napier, …

Educational Word Scramble Puzzle



science, psychology, anthropology, physical, astronomy, mathematics, civics, history, philosophy, geography, social, environmental, technology, …

Minecraft Biomes Word Scramble Puzzle

Minecraft Biomes


jungle hills, crimson forest, shattered savanna plateau, jungle edge, bamboo jungle hills, soul sand valley, nether wastes, birch forest hills, bamboo …

Popcorn Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

snack, cheesey, grain, energy, cheddar, treat, pop, eat, sweet, bowl, seeds, movie, microwave, kettlecorn, butter, kernel, caramel, oil, corn, salty

Art & Crafts Word Scramble Puzzle

Art & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

engraving, collage, leather working, soap making, dyeing, basketry, mosaic, printmaking, candle making, needlepoint, carpentry, embellishment, …

Advertising Word Scramble Puzzle


News & Media

emotion appeal, promotions, persuasive text, slogan, jingle, advertising literacy, humor, consumer, advertisement, false advertising, comparison, …

3rd Grade Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

3rd Grade Spelling


mouse, sugar, sew, rode, amount, gold, hammer, follow, float, shout, ago, center, crowd, drown, loud

Springtime Around the Corner Word Scramble Puzzle

Springtime Around the Corner


happy, spring, field trip, vacation, flowers, outside, games, landscape, clouds, blue skies, green, lawn mower, chirping, insects, fertilizer, …

Defensive Driving Word Scramble Puzzle

Defensive Driving

Safety & Prevention

traffic signal, speed limit, hands free, road signs, suspension, following too closely, certificate, aggressive, citation, speeding, distracted …

Safety and Emergency Response Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety and Emergency Response

Health & Fitness

ambulance, hazard, black ice, emergency, ppe, rescue, dispatcher, poisonous, lock, caution, warning, firefighter, cpr, escape, helmet, first aid, seat …

Roman Witches and Curses Word Scramble Puzzle

Roman Witches and Curses


curses, binding spells, animals, roots, trennungszauber, potions, canidia, twelve tables, witch, saga, defixiones, herbs, amulets, medea, katadesmoi

Words of the War Era Word Scramble Puzzle

Words of the War Era


pearl harbor, nazism, allies, blitz, militarism, panzer, liberty, scrap drives, radio, fascism, royal air force, isolationist, victory, war bonds, …

The Cold War Word Scramble Puzzle

The Cold War


doctrine, kuwait, russia, communism, america, sputnik, iraq, reagan, cuban missile, evil empire, hungary, vietnam, plane, cold war, truman, detente, …

Welding Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Welding Terms

Tools & Equipment

melting rate, mig welding, current, liquidis, corner joint, edge joint, cap, flowmeter, jig, arc, fusion, electrode, bevel, flashburn, leads, arc …

50s Songs - Part 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

50s Songs - Part 2


i walk the line, please please please, i put a spell on you, i've got you under my skin, wake up little susie, long tall sally, rumble, that’ll be …

Video Games Word Scramble Puzzle

Video Games


emulator, ellipse, balance, rectangle, television, resolution, console, parameter, dead zone, platform, graphics, game lab, game design, animation, …

Good Eating Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Good Eating Habits

Food & Drinks

kitchen, manners, table, lunch, junk food, menu, sitting, shopping, balance diet, low sugar, habits, cooking, families, talking, meal, breakfast, …

Genetics Word Scramble Puzzle



parents, purebred, inherited, dna, genes, meiosis, mutation, recessive, chromosome, genetics, mitosis, probability, phenotype, hybrid, replication, …

Mario Word Scramble Puzzle



brothers, flagpole, box, flying, castle, levels, toad, mushrooms, fire, peach, mario, battling, clouds, coins, winning, eggs, items

Geometric Figures Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometric Figures


obtuse, trapezium, rectangle, interval, square, geometry, rhombus, angle, equilateral, interior, triangle, midpoint, opposite, right angle, …

Personal Budget Word Scramble Puzzle

Personal Budget


income, checks, goals, currency, purchasing power, expenses, denomination, financial wants, deduction, checking account, pay stub, financial needs, …