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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Childrens Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Books


the cat in the hat, no david, llama llama red pajamas, harry potter, chicka chicka boom boom, magic treehouse, curious george, little red riding hood, …

World Cup Word Scramble Puzzle

World Cup


defender, stadium, commentator, boots, referee, player, coach, halftime, goalie, red card, hatrick, pitch, corner, penalty, football, offside, …

Continents and Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle

Continents and Oceans


antarctica, indian ocean, asia, pacific ocean, south america, europe, arctic ocean, north america, africa, australia, atlantic ocean

Social Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Wellness

People & Society

stress, family, volunteer, walking, reliable, communication, wellness, goals, therapy, laugh, relationships, activities, emotional well being, mental …

Getting Old is Awesome Word Scramble Puzzle

Getting Old is Awesome

People & Society

depends, dentures, hearing aids, eye glasses, compression socks, cane, walker, wrinkles, retired, senior, hip replacement, medicare, bloodwork, bald

Humor Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

giggling, silly, chuckling, fun, cartoons, hilarity, laughter, creativity, jester, comedy, comical, guffaw, satire, funny, hilarious, banter, …

Career Exploration Word Scramble Puzzle

Career Exploration


internship, interview, training, job skills, assistant, education, employee, work, college, career, apprentice, resume, manager, degree, jobs, money, …

Personality Traits Word Scramble Puzzle

Personality Traits

People & Society

reliable, creative, motivated, respectful, compassionate, responsible, intelligent, trustworthy, consistent, focused, confident, risk taking, open …

Study Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Study Skills


writing, underline, supplies, prepare, concentrate, highlighter, grammar, organize, agenda, time management, support, memorize, focus, reading, flash …

Fast Food Word Scramble Puzzle

Fast Food

Food & Drinks

ketchup, bun, onions, orange juice, chairs, tables, take away, milkshake, straws, salad, sauces, coffee, mustard, tray, relish, french fries, …

USA States Word Scramble Puzzle

USA States

Cities & Places

iowa, maine, texas, california, hawaii, new york, ohio, maryland, florida, missouri, washington, alaska, michigan, nevada, new jersey, utah

Pizza Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

pizza, mushrooms, pineapple, sauce, cheese, fermentation, sausage, anchovies, peppers, olives, jalapeno, baking, pepperoni, mozzarella, bread, ham

Halloween Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Halloween Movies


the witches, beetlejuice, the addams family, casper, the haunted mansion, goosebumps, hocus pocus, young frankenstein, spooky buddies, monster squad, …

Marvel Word Scramble Puzzle



bucky barnes, pepper potts, nebula, captain marvel, hercules, peggy carter, thor, infinity stones, star lord, spider man, cosmic cube, rocket, ant …

Pokemon Word Scramble Puzzle



emolga, miltank, masterball, alola, mudkip, hoenn, kanto, lunala, pichu, pokeball, rockruff, solgaleo, squirtle, scraggy, pokedex, unova, sinnoh, …

Gratitude Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

compliment, recognition, loyalty, positive, volunteer, acts of kindness, joyful, content, esteem, journal, grateful, fulfilled, peaceful, respect, …

Feelings and Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle

Feelings and Emotions

People & Society

jolly, fright, boredom, calm, crazy, happy, jealous, glad, angry, emotion, passion, adoration, desire, grief, aggravation, open, hopeless, kind

Relatives Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

relative, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin , grandfather , grandmother , grandson , granddaughter , family , son, father

Self Esteem Word Scramble Puzzle

Self Esteem

People & Society

feelings, pride, dignity, love, good, confident, incredible, happiness, respect, gratitude, worth, magnificent, amazing, peace, egotism, self respect

Musical Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Musical Things


boom whackers, sixteenth note, sight reading, repeat sign, chords, piano, staff, half note, treble clef, eighth note, band, time signature, ostinato, …

Church Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

choir, worship, sunday, conference, praise team, praying, fellowship, scripture, sunday school, union, bible, free will, pastor