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Fire Prevention Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Prevention Week

Health & Fitness

hazard, emergency, flames, fuel, fire drill, extinguisher, oxygen, exits, siren, fire truck, gas, escape route, rescue, smoke detector, fire fighter, …

Health Information Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Health Information Management

Health & Fitness

accuracy, networking, hipaa, analysis, transcription, scribe, medical records, ahima, registry, electronic , scanning, clinic, health record, …

Emerging Infectious Diseases Word Scramble Puzzle

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Health & Fitness

influenza, zika virus, vaccine, west nile virus, ebola virus, e coli, lyme disease, avian flu, pertussis, sars, microorganisms, tuberculosis, …

Hospital Week - Nurses Word Scramble Puzzle

Hospital Week - Nurses

Health & Fitness

excellent, problem solvers, good listeners, talented, magnificent, team players, critical thinkers, skilled, awesome, compassionate, marvelous, …

Food Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Safety

Health & Fitness

food safety, cleaning, salmonella, sanitizing, hand washing, verification, listeria, foreign material, biological hazard, gloves, contamination, …

Addiction Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

priorities, prayer, cautious, recovery, exercise, humble, patience, stability, support, positive, lifestyle, therapy, commitment, willingness, …

Healthy Eating Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Eating

Health & Fitness

dinner, recipes, eggs, vegetables, breakfast, health, seeds, fruit, yogurt, ingredients, milk, cheese, lunch, nuts, hygiene, nutrition, food, cooking

Coping with Stress Word Scramble Puzzle

Coping with Stress

Health & Fitness

health, anxiety, stretch, self help, meditate, communicate, break, relax, sleep, counseling, love, friends, support, exercise, therapy, depression, …

Relapse Prevention Word Scramble Puzzle

Relapse Prevention

Health & Fitness

support, social pressure, hope, coping skills, thoughts, meetings, attitude, treatment, expectations, relapse, love, sobriety, mood change, addiction, …

Peer Support Word Scramble Puzzle

Peer Support

Health & Fitness

passive, positivity, emotions, body language, self care, mental health, communicate, hobbies, anxiety, listening, rest, respect, empathy, strength, …

Breast Cancer Awareness Word Scramble Puzzle

Breast Cancer Awareness

Health & Fitness

stage, inspirational, treatment, october, women, breast, optimistic, cancer, chemo, pink, strong, awareness, death, men, screening, ribbon, malignant, …

Pharmacy Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

vial, ante room, solution, pharmacists, buffer area, medication safety, hospital, certification, unit dose, national drug code, ampule, syringe, …

Yoga Poses Word Scramble Puzzle

Yoga Poses

Health & Fitness

ajna, ustrasana, bhujangasana, ashtanga namaskara, muladhara, sahasrara, tratak, majariasana, pratyahara, surya, tadasana, pranayama, tapas, …

Cognitive Psychology Word Scramble Puzzle

Cognitive Psychology

Health & Fitness

duration , henry molaison , schmolck , multistore model of memory , anterolateral temporal , maintenance rehearsal , dual task, cognition , baddeley , …

Hospital Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Hospital Things

Health & Fitness

medical charts, waiting room, clipboard, receptionist, monitors, bandages, wheelchair, hospital gown, hand sanitizer, stethoscope, defibrillator

Medical Surgical Services Word Scramble Puzzle

Medical Surgical Services

Health & Fitness

dialysis, obesity, urostomy, echocardiogram, gastrectomy, seizure, streptococcus, breakthrough, obstruction, gastrostomy, doctor, nauseous, …

Communicable and Food Borne Diseases Word Scramble Puzzle

Communicable and Food Borne Diseases

Health & Fitness

colds, vaccine, flue, symptoms, measles, causes, headache, chickenpox, diphtheria, prevention, inflammation, mumps, salmonella, ecoli, tuberculosis, …

Sudden Medical Emergencies Word Scramble Puzzle

Sudden Medical Emergencies

Health & Fitness

delusions, sugar, drool, muscle movement, aggression, mental health, suicide, unresponsiveness, seizures, pale, listening, diabetes, childbirth, …

Diseases Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

epidemic, outbreak, quarantine, pandemic, antibiotics, vaccine, symptoms, cough, immune, respiratory, fatigue, headache, virus, diagnosis, bacteria, …

Sterilization Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

ultrasonic, disinfection, pouches, biologic monitor, osha, contaminated area, autoclave, biologic indicators, sterilization, sterilizer, clean area, …

Nutrition & Addiction Word Scramble Puzzle

Nutrition & Addiction

Health & Fitness

detoxification, multivitamins, weight gain, nutrition, mental health, insulin, hypoglycemia, immune system, addiction, irritability, junk food, …