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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Beach Destinations Word Scramble Puzzle

Beach Destinations

Travel & Tourism

maui, jamaica, miami, playa del carmen, key west, australia, hawaii, lake of the ozarks, bahamas, cabo, puerto rico, sam mun tsai

July Fourth Word Scramble Puzzle

July Fourth


congress, rights, independence, united, colonies, revolution, america, liberty, fireworks, barbecue, declaration, fourth, hotdogs, nation, parade, …

Bonfire Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Bonfire Night


gun powder, toffee apple, shooting star, marshmallows, neon, pumpkin, guy fawkes, wood, fire, leaves, nuts, gloves, cold air, dark, sparkler, warm, …

Historical & National Landmarks Word Scramble Puzzle

Historical & National Landmarks

Cities & Places

kennedy space center, mount rushmore, yellowstone national park, golden gate bridge, lincoln memorial, hoover dam, grand canyon, empire state …

Historical Landmarks USA Word Scramble Puzzle

Historical Landmarks USA

Cities & Places

alcatraz island, golden gate bridge, hoover dam, washington monument, lincoln memorial, niagara falls, empire state building, mount rushmore, statue …

Famous Landmarks Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Landmarks

Cities & Places

pyramids, machu picchu, sphinx, alhambra, petra, potala, louvre, moai, parthenon, eiffel tower, colosseum, acropolis, taj mahal, stonehenge, big ben

U.S. State Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. State Capitals

Cities & Places

concord, topeka, charleston, honolulu, nashville, denver, des moines, montgomery, harrisburg, oklahoma city, tallahassee, juneau, little rock, …

World City Word Scramble Puzzle

World City

Cities & Places

rio de janeiro, prague, athens, istanbul, paris, barcelona, rome, mumbai, new york, bangkok, toronto, buenos aires, singapore, amsterdam, london, …

Well Being Word Scramble Puzzle

Well Being

People & Society

talking, exercise, sleep, fitness, lifeline, water, resilience, relax, wellness, health, walk, socializing, reflect, awareness, positive, balance, …

Holiday Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Holiday Songs


silent night, frosty the snowman, it came upon a midnight clear, a holly jolly christmas, carol of the bells, away in the manger, winter wonderland, …

Dog Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Breeds


golden retriever, husky, poodle, labrador retriever, german shepherd, siberian husky, irish setter, rottweiler, basset hound, alaskan malamute, …

Kitchen Service Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Service Equipment

Tools & Equipment

sifter, can opener, potato masher, corer, soup ladle, kitchen tongs, spatula, blender, hand mixer, cake pans, skillet, wooden spoon, rolling pin, …

Health Problems Word Scramble Puzzle

Health Problems

Health & Fitness

brain, cough, forehead, elbow, sore throat, teeth, hands, headache, stomachache, overweight, runny nose, fever, backache, liver, broken, kidney, …

Baby Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Baby Shower


sleeper, milk, crib, onesie, toys, car seat, bibs, bath thermometer, boy, girl, bottle, wipes, teething ring, diaper, swing, highchair, stroller, …

Living Room Word Scramble Puzzle

Living Room

Home & Garden

poufs, sofa, picture frames, throw blanket, bookshelf, artwork, floor lamp, rug, lamps, television, coffee table, armchair, curtains, side table, …

Supermarket Shopping List Word Scramble Puzzle

Supermarket Shopping List


eggs, milk, bread, ice cream, butter, toilet paper, dog food, tissues, soap, deodorant, cheese, biscuits, mince, rice, pasta, chicken, fish, vegemite, …

Cooking Verbs Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Cooking Verbs Vocabulary


broil, blend, squeeze, float, grate, grill, combine, chop, press, peel, drain, serve, measure, slice, melt

Things We Do At Christmas Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Things We Do At Christmas Time


watch movies, candy cane, christmas crafts, joy, scripture, angel, coloring book, christmas cards, bake cookies, christmas carols, jesus, gingerbread, …

Classic Toys Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Toys


super ball, frisbee, tonka truck, etch a sketch, silly putty, barbie, sock monkey, chatty cathy, finger paint, tinkertoy, easy bake oven, hot wheels, …

Relaxation Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Relaxation Techniques


yoga, reading, meditation, word scrambles, breathing, art, music, tai chi, massage, exercise, aromatherapy, writing, walking, dancing, puzzles, …

Zoo Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Zoo Animals


panda, chimpanzee, gorilla, sloth, elephant, hippo, otter, flamingo, kangaroo, zebra, rhino, snow leopard, polar bear, emu, camel, giraffe, lion, …