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English Word Scramble Puzzle



thesis, rhetorical, simile, ethos, introduction, idiom, appeals, conclusion, cohesion, metaphor, character, triad, hyperbole, personification, pathos, …

Popular Cars in the 1960s Word Scramble Puzzle

Popular Cars in the 1960's


chevrolet impala, alfa romeo spider, dodge charger, austin mini cooper s, ford mustang, chevrolet corvette, ferrari 250 swb, ford falcon, camaro, ford …

Boating Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Boating Safety


cell phone, undertow, license, active supervision, flashlight, emergency contact, sunscreen, help huddle, throwing assist, boating plan, blankets, be …

Bike! Word Scramble Puzzle



tyres, pedals, hub, suspension, frame, gear leavers, spokes, rim, bike, seat, brakes, chain, handle bars

Boats Word Scramble Puzzle



yacht, flying boat, zille, electric boat, sail boat, fylak, dhow, bass boat, water taxi, coble, garbage scow, waka, express cruiser, wakeboard boat, …

Kayak Word Scramble Puzzle



foot pegs, blade, cleat, cockpit, shaft, stability, roll, hull, bulkhead, brace, back paddle, swamp, sit on top, trim, pivot, stern, deck, portage, …

Road Safety Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Road Safety Design


guardrail, barrier, speed limit, crosswalk, yield sign, school zone, traffic cone, speed bump, stop sign, pedestrian, rumble strips, roundabout, …

Transport Word Scramble Puzzle



underground, boat, lorry, scooter, tram, yacht, taxi, bus, car, helicopter, airplane, motorbike, truck, cycle, train

Scooter and Bikes Word Scramble Puzzle

Scooter and Bikes


cars, speedometer, mirror, motorcyclists, helmet, adjust, exhaust pipe, brakes, engine, bike, wheel, indicator, scooter, traffic lights, road sign, …

Transports Word Scramble Puzzle



elevator, truck, yacht, tram, caravan, motorcycle, car, subway, wagon, plane, bike, train, helicopter, bus, taxi, boat

Transportation Word Scramble Puzzle



taxi, train, bicycle, airplane, segway, tram, car, jet ski, truck, helicopter, cable car, bus, boat, spaceship, ferry, hot air balloon, motorcycle, …

On the Move Word Scramble Puzzle

On the Move


airplane, ambulance, blimp, bullet train, catamaran, cruise ship, dogsled, golf cart, helicopter, jet ski, jetliner, kayak, motorcycle, mountain bike, …

Automobile Word Scramble Puzzle



speed, suspension, vehicle, insurance, transmission, steering wheel, engine, chassis, acceleration, wheels, tires, headlights, fuel, dashboard, alarm, …

Bicycles and Motorbikes Word Scramble Puzzle

Bicycles and Motorbikes


mirror, reflector, pedal, pump, spokes, frame, brakes, headlight, chain, saddle, carrier, gear, mudguard, tyre, petrol, handle bars, helmet

Train Word Scramble Puzzle



consumer, preservation, car host, railroad, industry, dining car, diesel engine, iron furnace, engineer, economy, raw materials, brakeman, iron, …

Road Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Road Safety


slow down, red light, green light, look both ways, vehicles, crosswalk, automobile, pay attention, looking, trucks, slippery road, amber, stop sign, …

Car Brands Word Scramble Puzzle

Car Brands


buick, ford, toyota, tesla, jaguar, nissan, mercedes, chevrolet, dodge, jeep, range rover, honda, mazda, subaru, cadillac, hyundai, lexus, audi, …

American Car Companies Word Scramble Puzzle

American Car Companies


saleen, plymouth, chrysler, hummer, duesenberg, studebaker, pontiac, desoto, vector, oldsmobile, hennessey, stutz, packard, chevrolet, mercury, …

Car Makers Word Scramble Puzzle

Car Makers


subaru, pontiac, saturn, ford, chrysler, jeep, mercury, mercedes benz, mazda, volkswagen, toyota, volvo, hyundai, honda, lexus, dodge, cadillac, …

Poirot Word Scramble Puzzle


TV Shows

felicity lemon, drawing room, death on the nile, hastings, detective, david suchet, finale, belgian, mustache, exposure, forgery, james japp, little …

House M.D. Word Scramble Puzzle

House M.D.

TV Shows

examination, differential, gregory house, medical, james wilson, arrogant, aggravation, plasmapheresis, internships, drama, internal medicine, …