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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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On the Move Word Scramble Puzzle

On the Move


airplane, ambulance, blimp, bullet train, catamaran, cruise ship, dogsled, golf cart, helicopter, jet ski, jetliner, kayak, motorcycle, mountain bike, …

Book Genre Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Genre

Books & Literature

fiction, nonfiction, romance, mystery, thriller, humor, horror, western, fantasy, biography, short story, graphic novel, self help, dystopian, science …

Feelings Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

brave, silly, happy, tired, disappointed, embarrassed, excited, positive, frustrated, scared, nervous, angry, confused, proud, sad

Underwater Marine Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Underwater Marine Life


octopus, crabs, lobsters, jellyfish, turtles, swordfish, corals, stingrays, sharks, squids, tuna, whales, seals, urchins, dolphins, barracudas, eels, …

Dinosaur Word Scramble Puzzle



roar, tracks, fossil, teeth, discovery, triceratops, dinosaurs, herbivore, carnivore, museum, bones, stegosaurus

Chemistry Word Scramble Puzzle



atom, molecule, reaction, bonding, periodic, acid, organic, inorganic, polymer, catalyst, electrochemical, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, …

Christmas Themes Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Themes


happy, holidays, winter, season, christmas, hot chocolate, egg nog, christmas tree, wise men, nativity scene, star, snowfall, decorations, lights, …

Hospital Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Hospital Week

Health & Fitness

ambulance, social worker, nurse, wheelchair, pharmacist, blood pressure, oxygen, sanitizer, doctor, injection, vitals, prescription, bandaid, medical …

BBQ Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

lemonade, buns, potato salad, potato chips, corncob, hamburger, beans, sunshine, ice, charcoal, ketchup, friends, grill, table cloth, mustard, hotdog

Land Animal Word Scramble Puzzle

Land Animal


lion, elephant, tiger, giraffe, kangaroo, bear, zebra, rhinoceros, deer, cheetah, hippopotamus, wolf, fox, panther, horse

Amusement Park Word Scramble Puzzle

Amusement Park


tilt a whirl, log flume, scary rides, train, carousel, scrambler, thrill rides, roller coaster, pirate ship swing, bumper cars, tumble bug, ferris …

Marketing Mix Word Scramble Puzzle

Marketing Mix


market leader, advertising, place, persuade, skimming, price, penetration, market growth, market share, marketing, product lifecycle, promotion, …

Long I Sound (igh and ie) Word Scramble Puzzle

Long I Sound (igh and ie)


pine, light, drive, right, lie, thigh, kite, night, high, white, tie, pilot, die, fried, shiny, glide, pie

Healthy Foods For Breakfast Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Foods For Breakfast

Food & Drinks

pancakes, bread, bagel, scrambled eggs, milk, omelet, oatmeal, cheese, waffles, fruit, french toast, smoothie, cereal, yogurt, toast

Cardiovascular System Word Scramble Puzzle

Cardiovascular System


mitral valve, systolic, atrial fibrillation, alveoli, purkinje fibers, pulmonary valve, diastolic, superior vena cava, capillaries, epicardium, …

Great Barrier Reef Word Scramble Puzzle

Great Barrier Reef


jellyfish, tropical, marine, reef, over fishing, sediment, squid, tourism, heritage, algae, sand, inhabit, water, seahorse, coral, australia, threat, …

Elf Word Scramble Puzzle



santa, narwhal, nutcracker, maple syurp, christmas gram, gimbels, gumdrop forrest, naughty, angry elf, spaghetti, bye buddy, christmas cheer, leon, …

November Word Scramble Puzzle



thankful, gourds, harvest, pilgrims, autumn, election, leaves, football, plymouth rock, cornucopia, pumpkins, veterans day, orchard, thanksgiving, …

June Word Scramble Puzzle



hiking, stargazing, family, fathers, sailing, walking, vacation, swimming, friends, gathering, backyard, surfing, playing, playground, ocean, jogging, …

The Grinch Word Scramble Puzzle

The Grinch


meanone, tree, heart, feast, whoville, stocking, max, grinch, presents, mountcrumpit, christmas, stole, roastbeast, noise, drseuss, whohash, singing, …

Map Word Scramble Puzzle



scale, symbol, west, key, longitude, map, north, east, latitude, mountain, compass rose, city, river, grid, road, legend, south