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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Unites States Word Scramble Puzzle

Unites States


iowa, hawaii, arkansas, delaware, kentucky, colorado, california, alaska, connecticut, arizona, kansas, louisiana, florida, idaho, georgia, maine, …

Cat Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Cat Breeds


persian, birman, korat, bengal, munchkin, hairless, longhair, tuxedo, javanese, bobtail, sphynx, snowshoe, toyger, savannah, siamese, bombay, ragdoll, …

Cyber Security Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Security

Computers & IT

phishing, scam, antivirus, cache, cookies, malware, fraud, encryption, theft, online, service, spyware, provider, identity, bookmarks, firewalls, …

Birds Word Scramble Puzzle



albatross, falcon, chicken, peacock, duck, owl, seagull, stork, hummingbird, sparrow, finch, canary, osprey, pigeon, hawk, eagle, pelican, parrot, …

Bird Word Scramble Puzzle



duck, vulture, song, pelican, crow, beak, wings, dove, feathers, swan, pigeon, flamingo

Animals that Live in Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals that Live in Water


shark, frog, eel, dolphin, seal, crab, alligator, crocodile, tuna, star fish, sting ray, whale, platypus, salmon

Rainforest Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Rainforest Animals


bats, spider monkeys, tree frogs, pythons, leopards, poison dart frogs, hummingbirds, baboons, lemurs, toucans, crocodiles, gorillas, anacondas, …

Mammal Word Scramble Puzzle



lion, elephant, dolphin, giraffe, monkey, tiger, bear, kangaroo, horse, whale, bat, dog, cat, squirrel, rabbit, fox

Wild Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Wild Animals


bug, robin, bear, fox, eagle, bat, frog, moose, wolf, owl, turtle, grizzly, woodpecker, otter, squirrel, cape buffalo, snake, deer, mountain lion, …

Animals of the World Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals of the World


octopus, antelope, wolf, fruit bat, cheetah, elephant, kangaroo, hairy nosed wombat, vampire bat, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, humpback whale, rabbit, …

Insects Word Scramble Puzzle



mosquito, gnat, atlas moth, butterfly, honeybee, grasshopper, praying mantis, ladybug, horse fly, bumblebee, firefly, cricket, roach, hornet, yellow …

Sea Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Sea Animals


otter, penguin, sea lion, star fish, dolphin, seahorse, shark, jelly fish, sea turtle, bull shark, seal, manatee, dog

Cruise Word Scramble Puzzle


Travel & Tourism

fun ship, buffet, party, luggage, ocean, formal, passport, food, dancing, carnival, waves, elevator, pools, cruise, music, vacation

Books of The New Testament Word Scramble Puzzle

Books of The New Testament

People & Society

acts, revelation, galatians, jude, ephesians, james, luke, john, philippians, mark, romans, colossians, philemon, matthew, hebrews, titus

Lunar Eclipse Word Scramble Puzzle

Lunar Eclipse


crescent, solar, watch, lunar, shine, earth, moon, phases, illumination, sun, shadow, revolution, between, night sky, astronomer, eclipse

Synthetic & Natural Fibres Word Scramble Puzzle

Synthetic & Natural Fibres

Tools & Equipment

modal, wool, raffia, pvc, cupro, nylon, triacetate, ployurethane, elastane, pina, linen, mohair, acetate, polyester, lyocell, hemp, acrylic, silk, …

Financial Literacy Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Literacy


fixed expense, bank, deposit, balance, budget, credit limit, lender, interest, savings account, withdrawal, debit card, expense, credit history, debt, …

Horse Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Breeds


belgian, shire, criollo, mustang, lipizzan, minature, saddlebred, lusitano, thoroughbred, fjord, appaloosa, marwari, morgan, andalusian, american …

World Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

World Cities

Cities & Places

rio de janeiro, budapest, tokyo, madrid, istanbul, amsterdam, dubai, rome, kabul, moscow, london, beijing, berlin, hong kong, sydney, paris, …

Midwestern States Word Scramble Puzzle

Midwestern States

Cities & Places

kansas, missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, iowa, nebraska, south dakota, north dakota, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan

Farmers Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

duck, milk, deer, farmer, cow, agriculture, elephant, goose, harvest, llama, irrigation, plant, beehive, oat, rice