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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Fish Word Scramble Puzzle



fish, starfish, reef, seaweed, seashell, oyster, waves, tropical, anchor, coral, ocean, crab

Appliances Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

juicer, toaster, blender, dryer, dehumidifier, range, slow cooker, microwave, refrigerator, can opener, mixer, dishwasher, exhaust fan, cook top, …

Compound Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Words


blueberry, birdhouse, suitcase, classroom, daydream, airplane, cartwheel, popcorn, doghouse, goodnight, wildlife, countdown, icecream, hotdog, …

A Snow Day Word Scramble Puzzle

A Snow Day


no school, blustery, cozy, enchanting, snowman, frosty, icy, shimmering, chilly, snowy, sparkling, frigid, silent, majestic, whimsical, frozen, …

Classical Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Classical Music


wagner, violin, bach, baroque, classical, vivaldi, organ, mozart, brahms, piano, harpsichord, handel, religion, chopin, romantic, hayden, beethoven, …

Picnic Word Scramble Puzzle



potato salad, lemonade, salsa, watermelon, barbeque, summer time, ketchup, cookout, hot dog, pickles, potato chips, grilling, swimming, mustard, …

Cocktails Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

old fashioned, negroni, pina colada, mojito, mint julep, sazerac, jolly rancher, cosmopolitan, mai tai, moscow mule, daiquiri, bloody mary, whiskey …

Famous Singers and Musicians 1940s-1960s Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Singers and Musicians 1940's-1960's


billie holiday, benny goodman, perry como, nat king cole, harry james, patsy cline, glenn miller, judy garland, tommy dorsey, elvis presley, johnny …

Find the Countries Word Scramble Puzzle

Find the Countries


philippines, china, algeria, bahrain, uzbekistan, egypt, somalia, ireland, morocco, france: paris, lebanon, jordan, pakistan, united arab emirates, …

Vegetables Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

onions, sweet potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, green beans, eggplant, celery, asparagus, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, cauliflower, artichokes, carrots, …

Human Skeleton Bones Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Skeleton Bones


cranium, carpals, patella, tarsals, femur, hyoid, radius, mandible, navicular, calcaneus, clavicle, incus, malleus, vertebrae, stapes, pubis, ribs, …

Personality Traits Word Scramble Puzzle

Personality Traits

People & Society

reliable, creative, motivated, respectful, compassionate, responsible, intelligent, trustworthy, consistent, focused, confident, risk taking, open …

Daylight Savings Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Daylight Savings Time


digital, fall back, adjustment, sunlight, hour, conserve, time zone, analog, time, clock, energy, march, change, spring forward, sleep

Phonetic Alphabet Word Scramble Puzzle

Phonetic Alphabet


charlie, kilo, romeo, uniform, zulu, victor, echo, hotel, bravo, oscar, november, lima, sierra, alpha, tango, yankee, delta, whiskey, golf, india

Harry Potter Word Scramble Puzzle

Harry Potter


diagon alley, school, wand, muggle, potter, harry, wizard, rowling, hogwarts, voldemort, dragon, invisible, points, hermione, witchcraft

Foods For Breakfast Word Scramble Puzzle

Foods For Breakfast

Food & Drinks

milk, toast, cream cheese, waffles, cheese, coffee, bread, bagel, bacon, orange juice, donuts, scrambled eggs, butter, french toast, sausage, cereal, …

Dog Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Breeds


golden retriever, husky, poodle, labrador retriever, german shepherd, siberian husky, irish setter, rottweiler, basset hound, alaskan malamute, …

Goal Setting Word Scramble Puzzle

Goal Setting


setting, outcome, short term, long term, achievable, smarter, measurable, specific, goals, sport, reviewed, motivation, effective, realistic, …

Spring Gardens Word Scramble Puzzle

Spring Gardens


hoe, plant, sunny weather, daffodils, tulips, shovel, hyacinths, hose, flowers seeds, grass seed, hummingbird, warm weather, dragonfly, grass, plant …

Defensive Driving Word Scramble Puzzle

Defensive Driving

Safety & Prevention

traffic signal, speed limit, hands free, road signs, suspension, following too closely, certificate, aggressive, citation, speeding, distracted …

Pizza & Calzone Word Scramble Puzzle

Pizza & Calzone

Food & Drinks

cheese, mushrooms, deep dish, ham, peppers, pizza, basil, pepperoni, calzone, sausage, mozzarella, sauce, olives, tomatoes, crust, thin crust, …