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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Stones, Rocks and Minerals Word Scramble Puzzle

Stones, Rocks and Minerals

Beauty & Fashion

bloodstone, emerald, petoskey, gold, aquamarine, diamond, pyrite, agate, granite, meteorite, topaz, obsidian, shale, onyx, diorite, garnet, limestone, …

Haircutting and Styling Word Scramble Puzzle

Haircutting and Styling

Beauty & Fashion

curling, pretty, mousse, iron, pins, appointment, gel, shampoo, clipper, wave, shears, fashion, updo, conditioner, diffuser, lotion, brush, comb, …

All Things Ship! Word Scramble Puzzle

All Things Ship!

Travel & Tourism

black circus, bonded store, marquee, engine control room, waterfront, ocean bar, explorer hotel, teen centre, shark shack, atrium, blue room, book …

Name that Adventure!!! Word Scramble Puzzle

Name that Adventure!!!

Travel & Tourism

hiking, camping, river rafting, repelling, rock climbing, mountain climbing, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, motorcycling, mountain biking, …

Family Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

aunt, grandmother, niece, nephew, uncle, father, support, brother, sister, cousin, grandfather, family, bond, mother, love

Friendship Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

respect , confide , play , helps , kindness , caring , best friends , cooperate , memories , laughter , generous , share , special , trust , listen

My Identity in Christ Word Scramble Puzzle

My Identity in Christ

People & Society

chosen, ambassador, forgiven, saved, adopted, wanted, redeemed, rooted, holy, new creation, victorious, child of god, loved, delivered

Jungle Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Jungle Animals


scarlet macaw, panda, capybara, jaguar, squirrel monkey, praying mantis, howler monkey, toucan, poison dart frog, tapir, cassowary, sloth, orangutan, …

Pup Culture Lab Dog Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Pup Culture Lab Dog Breeds


golden retriever, husky, poodle, labrador retriever, german shepherd, rottweiler, pit bull, maltese, golden doodle, bulldog, doberman, boxer, …

Decision Making Word Scramble Puzzle

Decision Making

People & Society

relationship, consequence, reflect, outcome, decide, compliance, misinterpretation, impulsive, quickly, avoidance, explanation, autocratic, …

USA States Word Scramble Puzzle

USA States

Cities & Places

iowa, maine, texas, california, hawaii, new york, ohio, maryland, florida, missouri, washington, alaska, michigan, nevada, new jersey, utah

World City Word Scramble Puzzle

World City

Cities & Places

rio de janeiro, prague, athens, istanbul, paris, barcelona, rome, mumbai, new york, bangkok, toronto, buenos aires, singapore, amsterdam, london, …

Famous Cities of World Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Cities of World

Cities & Places

reykjavik, copenhagen, helsinki, capetown, kyoto, prague, florence, mumbai, stockholm, vancouver, vienna, dublin, bangkok, cairo, budapest, jerusalem, …

Foods For Breakfast Word Scramble Puzzle

Foods For Breakfast

Food & Drinks

milk, toast, cream cheese, waffles, cheese, coffee, bread, bagel, bacon, orange juice, donuts, scrambled eggs, butter, french toast, sausage, cereal, …

Welding Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

tee joint, welding symbols, safety glasses, acetylene, lap joint, contact tip, oxygen, ground clamp, cutting torch, electrode holder, electrode lead, …

U.S. State Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. State Capitals

Cities & Places

concord, topeka, charleston, honolulu, nashville, denver, des moines, montgomery, harrisburg, oklahoma city, tallahassee, juneau, little rock, …

Capital Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

Capital Cities

Cities & Places

havana, new delhi, budapest, minsk, hanoi, vienna, paris, berlin, moscow, baghdad, san jose, lima, copenhagen, oslo, rome, brussels, amsterdam, …

1990s Greatest Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

1990's Greatest Songs


if your girl only knew, no scrubs, you make me wanna, fantasy, are you that somebody, where my girls at, remember the time, the boy is mine, creep, …

Common Grant Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Common Grant Terms


authorized official, notice of grant award, finance approval form, prior approval, allocable, lobbying certification, fiscal agent, capitalization …

Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle



environment, ecosystem, biodiversity, invader, producers, consumers, decomposers, nutrients, recycle, healthy, balanced, noxious, food web, native …

Enrolment and Admission Word Scramble Puzzle

Enrolment and Admission


availability, diploma, auspice, sponsor, enrollments, course, rework, invoice, trainer, coordinator, apprentice, archiving, withdrawal, transitions, …