Word Scramble Puzzles

Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Compound Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Words


blueberry, birdhouse, suitcase, classroom, daydream, airplane, cartwheel, popcorn, doghouse, goodnight, wildlife, countdown, icecream, hotdog, …

Letter Writing Word Scramble Puzzle

Letter Writing


address, spelling, body, grammar, introduction, greeting, conclusion, signature, capitals, stamp, punctuation, postal code

Leadership Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

persevere , courage , teamwork , successful , teacher , citizenship , leader , compassion , collaboration , thoughtful , reliable , hardworking , …

Coffee Lovers Word Scramble Puzzle

Coffee Lovers

Food & Drinks

organic, arabica, breve, macchiato, espresso, grinding, aroma, latte, fair trade, caffeine, pulping, chemex, barista, americano, ristretto, …

Continuous Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Continuous Verbs


studying, stopping, drinking, starting, cooking, doing, eating, listening, trying, living, working, seeing, swimming, finishing, closing, checking, …

Travel by Train Word Scramble Puzzle

Travel by Train

Travel & Tourism

garage , passenger , station, startup, travel , hackathon, locomotive , luggage , hotel , family, railway , booking, journey , wagon , terminal , …

Candy Bars Word Scramble Puzzle

Candy Bars

Food & Drinks

mounds, twix, baby ruth, caramello, mr goodbar, nestle crunch, hershey bar, fifth ave, oh henry, pay day, kit kat, heath, milk way, whatchamacallit, …

Winter Activity Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Activity


downhill skiing , skating, tobogganing, hockey , snowboarding, curling , ice fishing , cross country skiing, tubing , walking, snowball fight, build a …

BBQ Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

lemonade, buns, potato salad, potato chips, corncob, hamburger, beans, sunshine, ice, charcoal, ketchup, friends, grill, table cloth, mustard, hotdog

Airport Word Scramble Puzzle


Travel & Tourism

airplane, airport, engine, seat belt, luggage, security, flying, soar, tailwind, passenger, terminal, wing, elevation, cockpit, suitcase, flight …

Parts of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of Speech


antonyms, interjection, adverb, comma, noun, synonyms, pronoun, conjunction, compound words, verb, linking verb, helping verb, grammar, prepositions, …

Interjections Word Scramble Puzzle



goodbye, indeed, alright, ouch, bingo, aloha, congratulations, guy, listen, excellent, yes, stop, behold, oops, hurray, voila, wait, oh, alas, …

Bedroom Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

drawers, books, blinds, television, alarm, sheet, photos, clothes, blanket, lamp, pillow, curtain, closet, chair, quilt, mattress, wardrobe, armchair, …

Math Word Scramble Puzzle



algebra, decimal, addition, angle, negative, division, degree, equation, geometry, fraction, equal, percentage, subtraction, positive, calculus, …

Education Word Scramble Puzzle



grades, exams, books, teaching, tuition, students, teachers, research, curriculum, online courses, lectures, colleges, school supplies, learning, …

U.S. State Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. State Capitals

Cities & Places

concord, topeka, charleston, honolulu, nashville, denver, des moines, montgomery, harrisburg, oklahoma city, tallahassee, juneau, little rock, …

Mathematics Word Scramble Puzzle



multiply, addition, fraction, percent, power, divide, cube root, coordinates, compare, minimum, solution, ratio, subtraction, triangle, decimal, …

Food and Drinks Word Scramble Puzzle

Food and Drinks

Food & Drinks

tacos, cupcakes, pancakes, pies, onion rings, veggie burgers, lasagna, ice cream, waffles, noodles, sandwich, doughnuts, cheese sticks, pizza, soda, …

Social Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies


geography, culture, amendment, civic, government, federal, executive branch, citizenship, republic, president, capital, reform, authoritarian, senate, …

Core Behavior Word Scramble Puzzle

Core Behavior

People & Society

achievements, advocate, purposeful execution, customer first, collaboration, outcome measurement, carol is the coolest, self-assessment, accept the …

Summer Word Scramble Puzzle



august, sandcastle, bikini, sunscreen, swimsuit, hot, beach, ice cream, vacation, camping, travel, play, sandals, july, june, shorts, swim, pool