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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Mothers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Mother's Day


flowers, peace, breakfast, caring, hugs, sunday, light, wisdom, kisses, home, beauty, laughter, knowledge, loving, sacrifice, courage, balloons, …

Easter Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Easter Day


chocolates, april, bonnet, decorate, spring, pastels, bouquet, easter, basket, cottontail, chicks, jellybeans, peter rabbit, daisies, peeps, bunny, …

Week Days and Months Word Scramble Puzzle

Week Days and Months


january, july, october, september, thrusday, wednesday, may, april, august, monday, june, friday, sunday, novmber, decmeber, tuesday, february, …

Springtime Word Scramble Puzzle



blooming, melting snow, renewal, butterflies, colorful, fragrance, rebirth, cherry blossoms, blossoms, sunshine, breezy, longer days, gardening, …

Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

relaxation, volunteer, stress, spiritual, gardening, intellectual, financial, mindfulness, physical, exercise, social, mental, environmental

Soil Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

soil , water , horizons , humus , loam , biological , carbon , clay , dioxide , dirt , sandy , silty , bacteria , fungi , grass , …

Months of the Year Word Scramble Puzzle

Months of the Year


november, may , september, august, march, january, december, october, february, june, july, april

Brands and Logos Word Scramble Puzzle

Brands and Logos


burger king, coca cola, target, energizer, sears, duracell, starbucks, samsung, carnival, apple, taco bell, google, mcdonalds, crayola, craft, …

Basketball Word Scramble Puzzle



swish, technical, overtime, quarter, guard, penalty, rebound, bounce, perimeter, screen, backboard, dribble, assist, halftime, layup

Weather & Seasons Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather & Seasons


rain, heatwave, hail, autumn, summer, spring, hurricane, tornado, snow, blizzard, cyclone, frost, flood, thunderstorm, winter, monsoon, mist, drought, …

Color Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, brown, black, white, gray, silver, gold, turquoise, indigo, magenta

Personality Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

practical, romantic, selfish, generous, jealous, calm, protective, intolerant, loving, ambitious, possessive, energetic, adaptable, patient, …

Climate Change Word Scramble Puzzle

Climate Change


melting glaciers, flooding, solar radiation, greenhouse gas, environment, renewable resources, drought, rising temperatures, sea levels, extreme …

Chemical Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemical Science


plasma, freezing, vaporization, solidification, density, atom, liquid, solid, matter, gas, melting, particles, reaction, acid, shape, condensation, …

Relapse Prevention Word Scramble Puzzle

Relapse Prevention

Health & Fitness

support, social pressure, hope, coping skills, thoughts, meetings, attitude, treatment, expectations, relapse, love, sobriety, mood change, addiction, …

Shapes Word Scramble Puzzle



rectangle, square, star, triangle, oval, trapezoid, rhombus, hexagon, octagon, parallel, diamond, right, acute, straight, circle, obtuse, …

Cell Biology Key Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Cell Biology Key Words


chloroplast, prokaryote, vacuole, mitochondria, plasmolysis, embryonic, cell, chromosomes, diffusion, active transport, microscope, mitosis, plant, …

Stress Relief Strategies Word Scramble Puzzle

Stress Relief Strategies

Health & Fitness

cooking, deep breathing, do a puzzle, watch a movie, write a letter, sing, sewing, arts and crafts, play board games, meditate, exercise, clean, …

Managing Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle

Managing Emotions

Health & Fitness

communicate, body language, passive, sad, respect, assertive, mental health, emotions, aggressive, proud, self esteem, listening, speaking skills, …

Time Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Time Management


effectiveness, order, problem solving, management, schedule, prioritize, success, procrastination, planning, time, task, responsibility, homework, …

March Word Scramble Puzzle



chirping, drizzle, animals, outside, saint, soaked, st patrick, rainy, daylight, march, shamrock, rain boots, puddles, muddy, spring, cloudy