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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Enrolment and Admission Word Scramble Puzzle

Enrolment and Admission


availability, diploma, auspice, sponsor, enrollments, course, rework, invoice, trainer, coordinator, apprentice, archiving, withdrawal, transitions, …

Buffalo Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Buffalo Hunt


envy, astonished, banish, warriors, desert, dessert, bared, margins, sorrow, reasoned, chaos, snorts, squeals, spared, stampede, fashionable, …

Henry V and the Conquest of France Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry V and the Conquest of France


france, thomas walshing, agincourt, thomas beaufort, normandy, river touques, armagnac group, burgundian group, bernard, dauphin charles, john the …

Zebra Word Scramble Puzzle



stripes, blonde, melanism, zebra, abundism, polka dots, extinction, poaching, leucism, erythrism, quagga, wild, africa, horse

The Resurrection Of Christ Word Scramble Puzzle

The Resurrection Of Christ

People & Society

risen, punishment, resurrection, hell, savior, alive, eternity, separation, gnashing, damnation, weeping, eternal, christ

Things to Do with Steel Word Scramble Puzzle

Things to Do with Steel

Tools & Equipment

center buckle, scratches, galvanized, skids, cold roll, sheet lifter, hot roll, rust, overhead crane, pickled, fork side, leveling, safety, camber, …

Bear Word Scramble Puzzle



elder kinsman, domesticated, soulful, chet-woot, habitat, perimeters, demeanour, enslavement, omnivorous, benevolence, grizzly, mowgli, bearology, …

Orthopaedics Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

arthritis, fracture, femur, hemiarthroplasty, orthopaedics, radius, bone, bimalleolar, clavicle, osteoporosis, tibia, metatarsal, talipes, knee, …

Elephant Word Scramble Puzzle



fat, tree bark, big, baby, fruit, dad, wide legs, floopy, trunk, ears, gray, roots, elephant, african, animal, pachyderm, family, mom, jumbo, peanut

Spheres of the Earth Word Scramble Puzzle

Spheres of the Earth


mesosphere, geology, physics, desert, crust, troposphere, hydrosphere, geoscience, thermosphere, interactions, nitrogen, stratosphere, savanna, …

Commerce Word Scramble Puzzle



price, export, liabilities, recovery, receipt, demand, import, creditors, investment, exchange rates, assets, trade, market, payee, capital, …

Demand and Supply Word Scramble Puzzle

Demand and Supply


equilibrium, shift, demand, substitutes, excess, advertising, inverse, schedule, income, extension, supply, subsidy, population, fashion, effective, …

Crisis Word Scramble Puzzle



disease, relationships, family breakup, earthquake, breakdown, emergency, flood, death, hurricane, predicament, famine, tsunami, war, lightening, …

Hatchet Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

radio, pilot, mosquitos, shelter, divorce, plane crash, food, drone, hatchet, gary paulsen, airplane, cockpit, secret, hungry, brian, woods, …

Chem Lab Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Chem Lab Equipment


pipette, test tube, crucible, mortar and pestle, microscope, beaker, condenser, flask, dropper, tongs, petri dish, thermometer, bunsen burner, …

Force and Motion Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Force and Motion Review


inertia, speed, time, net force, friction, momentum, velocity, gravity, energy, motion, force, newtons, distance, mass

Vocab and Phonics Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocab and Phonics


clock, study, paint, flat, write, black, blimp, free, watch, frame, crab, eat, collect, read, cook, brush, sleep, dance, bread, cloud

Real Estate Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Real Estate Terms


offer, database, lead, investor, systems, brokerage, market, network, developer, teams, construction, crm

All Things Ship! Word Scramble Puzzle

All Things Ship!

Travel & Tourism

black circus, bonded store, marquee, engine control room, waterfront, ocean bar, explorer hotel, teen centre, shark shack, atrium, blue room, book …

Tectonic Mountains - Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Tectonic Mountains - Vocabulary


province, synclines, graben, plateaus, basin, anticlines, sediment, dome, fold mountains, monoclines

Jamestown Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Jamestown Vocabulary


disease, indentured servant, sugar & rice, landowner, freezing, lumber & fish, narrow channel, contract, the starving time, house of …