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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Mapping the Ocean Floor Word Scramble Puzzle

Mapping the Ocean Floor


sea stack, seamount, continental rise, abyssal plain, hawaiian islands hot spot, neap tide, mid-ocean ridge, barrier islands, deep ocean trenches, …

Stones and Minerals Word Scramble Puzzle

Stones and Minerals


sandstone, feldspar, granite, marble, garnet, pyrite, soapstone, gypsum, slate, mica, hematite, talc, obsidian, gneiss, pumice, basalt, shale, …

African Lakes and Rivers Word Scramble Puzzle

African Lakes and Rivers


nubia, nile, victoria, albert, fianga, abaya, tana, kariba, hawasa, lake, zambezi, nasser, edward, niger, chad, limpopo, shala, nyasa, turkana, congo

Weathering, Erosion and Soil Word Scramble Puzzle

Weathering, Erosion and Soil


chemical weathering, weathering, soil, transported soil, gully erosion, deposition, exfoliation, residual erosion, mechanical weathering, soil …

The Countryside Word Scramble Puzzle

The Countryside


tree , field , air , grass , lake , mountain , lovely , area, sky, railway , rainforest, explore, pleasant , village , plant , hill , island , flower …

Expedition Word Scramble Puzzle



sun cream, cap, map, magnifying glass, guide book, backpack, expedition, mobile phone, notebook, water bottle, coat

Grand Canyon Word Scramble Puzzle

Grand Canyon


uplift, layers, dangerous, flooding, river, colorado, natural, freezing, deposition, wonder, tall, visitors, erosion, plateau, tectonic, sediment, …

Rivers Word Scramble Puzzle



yangtze, brahmaputra, amazon, mekong, mississippi, nile, thames, volga, rhine, yenise, ganges, indus, euphrates, niger, danube, congo, colorado, …

Map Word Scramble Puzzle



scale, symbol, west, key, longitude, map, north, east, latitude, mountain, compass rose, city, river, grid, road, legend, south

Spheres of the Earth Word Scramble Puzzle

Spheres of the Earth


mesosphere, geology, physics, desert, crust, troposphere, hydrosphere, geoscience, thermosphere, interactions, nitrogen, stratosphere, savanna, …

Woodland Word Scramble Puzzle



fox, bird, nature, owl, monkey, safari, jungle, panda, forest, leaf, flower, raccoon, branch, giraffe, lion, acorn, rabbit, bear, tree, frog

GM Crops Word Scramble Puzzle

GM Crops


bio, science, weedkiller, crops, yields, traits, genetic, photosynthesis, fields, organism, genes, pesticides, resistant, engineered, modified

Words that Measure Word Scramble Puzzle

Words that Measure


century, bushel, minute, pennyweight, meter, ounce, quart, fathom, decade, gallon, furlong, league

Crops Word Scramble Puzzle



proso millet, sudan grass, soybean, barley, monocot, alflafa, field pea, sweet clover, sunflower oil, navy bean, lentils, sugar beet, wheatgrass, …

Interior Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Interior Design


career, architecture, theme, variety, design, flooring, samples, experience, prototypes, positioning, furnish, enterprise, color coordination, …

Spooky Word Scramble Puzzle



jigsaw, hocus pocus, house on haunted hill, clowns, puppet master, lost boys, micheal myers, freddy krueger, hauntings, jeepers creepers, jason, …

Competition in Business Word Scramble Puzzle

Competition in Business


quality, strengths, competition, pricing, convenience, customer service, product line, shortcomings, unique selling propositions, competitor, location

Beyblades Word Scramble Puzzle



stadium, spin, longinus, ripcord, valtryek, hasbro, beyblades, burst, attack, defense, spryzen, xcalius, launcher, stamina, battle

7th and 8th Grade Classes Word Scramble Puzzle

7th and 8th Grade Classes


latin, algebra, civics, technology, history, current events, science, vocabulary, music, study skills, pre algebra, gym, wacky wednesday, special …

Plating / Presenting Dessserts Word Scramble Puzzle

Plating / Presenting Dessserts

Food & Drinks

custard, crunch component, accompaniments, the sauce, plated dessert, main item, cream anglaise, garnish, plating, pastry cream

Pasta & Sauces Word Scramble Puzzle

Pasta & Sauces

Food & Drinks

penne, fettucine, riccioli, spaghetti, elbows, rigatoni, pesto, alfredo, marinara, ragu, bolognese, burro