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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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The Beatitudes Word Scramble Puzzle

The Beatitudes

People & Society

moral, jesus, rejoice, righteousness, bible, meek, peacemakers, heaven, principles, comforted, mourn, kingdom, beatitudes, blessed, christian, …

Roaring Twenties Word Scramble Puzzle

Roaring Twenties


teapot dome, harlem, fundamentalism, palmer raids, suffrage, jazz age, gangsters, great gatsby, prohibition, jazz singer, volstead act, scopes trial, …

Fruit & Veggies Word Scramble Puzzle

Fruit & Veggies

Food & Drinks

escarole, cauliflower, arugula, collard, guava, turnip, apricot, coconut, mustard, breadfruit, bokchoy, radicchio, chard, chickpeas, rambutan, fennel, …

Business & Finance - 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Business & Finance - 2


competitive, taxes, management, partnership, intellectual, nonprofit, dividends, ecommerce, valuation, statement, benefit, plan, credit, leverage, …

Famous Singers and Bands Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Singers and Bands


coldplay, beyonce, harry styles, taylor swift, black eye peas, brittany spears, maroon 5, bon jovi, whitney houston, jonas brothers, lady gaga, tina …

StarWars Word Scramble Puzzle



count dooku, the force, hansolo, luke skywalker, resistance, yoda, clonewars, kyloren, wookie, starwars, light saber, anewhope, jedi master, darth …

Childrens Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Books

Books & Literature

the cat in the hat, no david, llama llama red pajamas, harry potter, chicka chicka boom boom, magic treehouse, curious george, little red riding hood, …

Sea Word Scramble Puzzle



crab, jellyfish, seahorse, whale, coral, shark, dolphin, clownfish, angelfish, manatee, octopus, lobster, squid, narwhal, swordfish, dory, barracuda, …

Twin Peaks Word Scramble Puzzle

Twin Peaks

TV Shows

laura palmer, special agent dale cooper, black lodge, damn fine, garmonbozia, cherry pie, ronette pulaski, donna hayward, ghostwood, fire walk with …

Horticulture Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

clothes, crop science, veterinary, houses, farming, narcotic, earning, cultivation, industry, husbandry, primitive, agriculture, domestication, …

Nervous System Word Scramble Puzzle

Nervous System


neuron, spinal nerves, spinal cord, brain stem, axon terminals, peripheral nervous system, autonomic, neurotransmitters, sympathetic, cell body, …

Unicorn Word Scramble Puzzle



legendary, wild, sparkle, perfect, beast, mysterious, beautiful, rainbow, fairy, unicorn, myth, magical, mystical, tales, fantasy

Collectibles Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

poster, rock, autograph, keys, leaves, sticker, beads, books, comics, flags, recipe, cards, stamps, marbles, trophy, jewellery, dolls, coins, balls, …

Texas Sights Word Scramble Puzzle

Texas Sights

Cities & Places

houston, barbeque, rodeo, dallas, cotton, austin, chili, el paso, horse, ranch, monarch, armadillo, oil, bluebonnet, san antonio, longhorn, rio …

Welding Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Welding Terms

Tools & Equipment

melting rate, mig welding, current, liquidis, corner joint, edge joint, cap, flowmeter, jig, arc, fusion, electrode, bevel, flashburn, leads, arc …

Coping Skills Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Coping Skills Activities

People & Society

read a book, listen to music, go for a swim, write in a journal, stretch, paint, play a sport, take a bath, draw a picture, meditate, dance, do a …

Fire Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Safety

Safety & Prevention

gas, fire drill, escape route, prevention, extinguisher, safety, exits, oxygen, fuel, water, alarm, flames, rescue, fire fighter, emergency, siren, …

Slave Trade Word Scramble Puzzle

Slave Trade


shackled, capture, punishment, africa, plantation life, cornbread, overboard, transportation, house slave, abolition, homeward passage, economic, …

Personality Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Personality Adjectives

People & Society

cheerful, untidy, bossy, big headed, hard working, chatty, outgoing, helpful, rude, moody, quiet

Online Safety, Security, Ethics and Etiquette Word Scramble Puzzle

Online Safety, Security, Ethics and Etiquette

People & Society

spam, spyware, infringement, phishing, trojan, malware, copyright , ransomware, adware, keylogger

Food Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Safety

Health & Fitness

food safety, cleaning, salmonella, sanitizing, hand washing, verification, listeria, foreign material, biological hazard, gloves, contamination, …