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Science & Nature Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: atom : smallest unit of an element, solar system : sun and its orbiting planets, photosynthesis : process plants use to convert light into energy, gravity : force that attracts objects toward each other, evolution : process of gradual changes in species over time, ecosystem : biological community and its environment, genetics : study of heredity and variation in organisms, meteorology : study of weather and atmospheric phenomena, molecule : group of atoms bonded together, fossil : remains of a prehistoric organism preserved in rock, biodiversity : variety of life forms in a particular habitat, astronomy : study of celestial bodies and the universe, cell : basic structural unit of living organisms, ecology : study of relationships between organisms and their environment, chemical reaction : process where substances transform into new ones, dna : genetic material carrying instructions for life's processes, adaptation : trait that helps an organism survive in its environment, geology : study of earth's physical structure and processes, botany : study of plants and their biology, plate tectonics : theory explaining earth's crust movement.