Cell Growth and Division Crossword Puzzle

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Cell Growth and Division Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: stem cell : unspecialized cell that gives rise to one or more type of specialized, cell division : process by which a cell divides into two, cancer : disorder in which some of body's cells lose the ability to control, tumor : mass of rapidly dividing cells that can damage surrounding tissue, metastasis : the spreads of cancerous cells throughout the body, totipotent : cells that are able to develop into any type of cell found in the body, pluripotent : cells that are capable of developing into most but not all of the body's cells type, chromosomes : threadlike structure of dna and protein that contains genetic information, binary fission : process in prokaryotes where a cell elongates, and the cell membrane pinches the cell into two genetically identical cells, interphase : long part of the cell cycle during which a cell grows synthesize dna and prepares for mitosis