Halloween Night Crossword Puzzle

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Halloween Night Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: blood: i am red. i come from your body. vampires drink me. if you bump and hurt your knee, you might see me. what am i?, boo: i am what a ghost says to scare you. what am i?, candy: i am something you can eat. i taste sweet. you can have me on halloween, but first you must say “trick or treat”. what am i?, halloween: i am on october 31st. on this day, you can wear a scary costume. you say "trick-or-treat" to get some candy. what am i?, spider: i have eight legs and many eyes. i am hairy. i catch bugs in my web to eat. what am i?, moon: i am very far away. you can only see me at night. i am round, white, and shine very brightly. what am i?, vampire: i look like a person, but i can change into a bat and fly away. i have two sharp fangs (teeth). i wear a long dark cape. what, web: spiders make me from their bodies. i am sticky. don't get stuck in me! what am i?, ghost: i am scary. i float in the air. i can move through walls. what am i?, skeleton: i am made of bones. i shake as i walk. i am afraid of dogs. what am i?, cat: i am an animal. i have two pointy ears and a long tail. what am i?, leaves: in autumn, i change from the color green to red. i might fall down on your head. what am i?, witch: i am a scary woman. i use magic. i wear a tall pointy hat. i can fly away on a broom. what am i?, broom: i am something you have in your house. you can use me to clean the room. a witch uses me to fly away. what am i?, bag: you can put your candy inside of me. what am i?, night: i am the opposite of day. the moon comes out and it is time to go to sleep when you see me. what am i?, pumpkin: i am a vegetable that is big and round. i grow on the ground. i am the same color as a carrot. what am i?, bat: i am an animal. i sleep upside down in the day. i wake up and fly around in the night. what am i?, dark: i am the opposite of light. i make it hard to see. you might trip and bump your knee. what am i?