Matter and Mixing Crossword Puzzle

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Matter and Mixing Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: condensation: the physical change from a gas to liquid, contract: particles moving closer and taking up a smaller volume, density: the mass of a substance divided by its volume to measure how close the particles in the substance are (measured in g/cm3 or g/ml), evaporation: the physical change from a liquid to gas, expand: particles moving apart and taking up a bigger volume, matter: matter is anything that has mass and takes up volume, melting: the physical change from a solid to liquid, freezing: the physical change from a liquid to solid, sublimation: the physical change from a solid to gas, volume: the space a substance occupies, measured in cm3, ml or l, atomic number: the number of protons in an atom, compound: pure substance made up of 2 or more types of atoms chemically joined together, element: pure substance made up of only one type of atom, mass number: total number of protons + neutrons in an atom’s nucleus, mixture: an impure substance made up of more than one type of substance not chemically joined together, saturated solution: a solution that cannot dissolve any more solute, solute: the substance (often a solid) that is dissolved in the solvent, solution: a solute dissolved in a solvent that makes a mixture, solvent: the liquid that will dissolve a solute.