Sun & Moon Crossword Puzzle

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Sun & Moon Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: core : inner region of the sun, where fusion takes place, solar eclipse : occurs when the moon is in line between earth and the sun, and the moon casts a shadow on earth, oxygen : the isotopic ratios of this element in lunar rock is identical to that found in earth rock, lunar eclipse : occurs when the earth is in line between the moon and the sun, and the moon passes through earth’s shadow (2 words), solar minimum : the time at which sunspot numbers are the lowest (2 words), convection : the cyclical rising and sinking of heated and cooled gases that takes place in the layer below the radiation zone, magnetic field : the lack of an iron core keeps the moon from having one of these (2 words), perigee : the point in the moon’s orbit where it is closest to the earth, solar wind : high-speed flow of electrical charged particles (2 words), regolith : lunar soil, coronal loop : arching fountains of superhot, electrified plasma (2 words), mare : flat, dark area created by lava flow, basalt : along with breccia, one of the main types of rock found on the moon, chromosphere : lower layer of the sun’s atmosphere, tidally locked : we only see one side of the moon because it is _ _ (2 words), crater : site of meteor and other impacts on the lunar surface, gravity : the force that pulled the original pieces of the moon together