Bullying Crossword Puzzle

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Bullying Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: physical : _ bullying is unwanted contact between one or more people, computer : cyber bullying can take place on your cell phone, social media, or a _ , cyber : _ bullying uses technology to make others feel sad, angry, or scared, taunting : verbal bullying consists of name-calling, teasing, threats, and _ , hitting : some examples of physical bullying are kicking, _ , and pushing, angry : bullying can make someone feel sad, embarrassed, or _ , mean : verbal bullying is the act of writing or saying something _ or hurtful, bullying : repeated, aggressive behavior that intentionally causes someone else discomfort, anyone : bullying can happen to _ , rumors : some examples of social bullying are spreading _ or leaving someone out on purpose, kind : you can make a difference by being _ to everyone, social : _ bullying is preventing someone from joining or being part of a group, everywhere : where does bullying occur?, teachers : examples of trusted adults you can go to for help are coaches, parents, and _ , ignore : two effective strategies to stop bullying are to walk away or _ the bullies.