Growth and Stem Cells Crossword Puzzle

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Growth and Stem Cells Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: root hair cell : cell found on the surface of plant roots that has a large surface area to absorb water and dissolved mineral salts quickly from the soil, differentiation : when a group of similar things, such as cells, become different in form from each other, xylem cell : cell that joins with other xylem cells to form long, thick-walled vessels after they die. the vessels carry water and dissolved mineral salts through the plant, percentile : a 1/100th division of a group, cancer : disease caused by the uncontrolled division of stem cells in a part of the body, differentiate : to change into different types, for example when meristem cells differentiate into specialised cells such as xylem or root hair cells, stem cell : unspecialised cell that continues to divide by mitosis to produce more stem cells and other cells that differentiate into specialised cells, embryonic stem cell : stem cell from an early embryo that can produce specialised cells of many different types, elongation : when something gets longer (such as a cell in a plant root or shoot before it differentiates into a specialised cell), growth : a permanent increase in the number or size of cells in an organism, adult stem cell : stem cell found in specialized tissue that can produce more of the specialised cells in that tissue for growth and repair, rejection : when the immune system attacks and kills cells and tissue that come from another person, such as blood (after transfusion) or stem cells, meristem : a small area of undifferentiated cells in a plant, such as near the shoot tips and root tips, where cells are dividing rapidly by mitosis, meristem cell : stem cell found in a plant meristem.