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Vital Signs Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: hypo tension: low blood pressure defined as 100 systolic, palpate: to examine by touch, femoral: pulse felt in the groin, tachycardia: high heart rate defined at 100 beats per minute, mmhg: unit of measure for blood pressure, brachial: pulse felt in the crease of the elbow, carotid: pulse felt on either side of the neck, orthostatic: _ hypo-tension - blood pressure that changes related to body position, bradycardia: heart rate defined at 60 beats per minute, systolic: the heart contracts and empties, top number for blood pressure, hypertension: high blood pressure defined as 150/90, auscultate: to listen with a stethoscope, diastolic: the heart relaxes or fills, the bottom number of blood pressure, respiration: the act of breathing, febrile: high body temperature defined as 100 f