The Black Death: Symptoms, Causes and 'Cures' Crossword Puzzle

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The Black Death: Symptoms, Causes and 'Cures' Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: plague : what was the black death?, four humours : a theory which argued that people in good health had a balance of these, miasma : a theory that the plague was spread through bad-smelling air, black : ( colour ) discoloration of the skin was a symptom as well, physician : another word for a doctor (they wore beaked masks), rats : these animals transported fleas on their backs, carts : many bodies were dumped into these to be taken away, buboes : victims were covered in these pus-filled boils, starting with b, two : ?/3 of the population was killed (two words), bubonic : a describing word of the black death, ends in onic, bleeding : draining blood from the victim, poultice : a mixture designed to help a wound heal, lancing : using a sharp tool to pop a bubo and drain it, self flagellation : the act of whipping themselves to show god how sorry they were