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Fossil Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: relative age : a rock is its age compared to the ages of other rocks, cast : this part of a fossil forms as the result of a mold, petrified : fossils form when minerals replace all or part of an organism, preserved remains : some organisms get preserved in or close to their original states, mold : this part of a fossil forms when hard parts of an organism are buried in sediment, fossil record : the information paleontologists gather about past life, paleontologists : scientists who study fossils, trace : an example of this type of fossil is a footprint when it steps in sand or mud, fossil : the preserved remains of a once-living organism, absolute age : the number of years that has passed since the rock formed, superposition : a law that states that each new layer of sedimentary rock will be younger than the rock below it, carbon film : the thin layer of carbon left behind can show an organism’s delicate parts, like leaves on a plant