States of Matter Summary Crossword Puzzle

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States of Matter Summary Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: sublimation : solid to gas, freezing : the opposite of melting, different: a compound is a substance that is made up of _ types of element chemically bonded together, solid : particles packed close together, melting : solid to liquid, cloudy: carbon dioxide turns lime water _ , glowing: oxygen gas relights a _ splint. , deposition : gas to solid, condensation : what happens when gas cools, vibrate : particles in a solid state _ in place, pop: hydrogen gas extinguishes a lighted splint with a ' _ ' sound, evaporation: liquid to gas, liquid : particles in a _ slide past each other, gas : particles spread out and move very quickly, temperature : increasing the _ increases the kinetic energy of the substance, element: substance that is made up of the same type of element chemically combined.