Ancient Mesopotamia Crossword Puzzle

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Ancient Mesopotamia Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: nomadic: wandering from place to place continuously , literacy: the ability to read and write. , mesopotamia: the world’s oldest civilization , epoch: a distinct period of time in history , cradle: ancient mesopotamia was called the _ of civilization, deity: a god, goddess, or other divine figure in a religion, specialization: people practice one skill each in the economy, agricultural: an _ society is one in which food comes from farms, irrigation: a system of moving water from a source (river, lake) into farmland , euphrates: mesopotamia was located in between the tigris and _ rivers, euphrates: a system of moving water from a source (river, lake) into farmland , city-state: a small, independent country made up of one city and the land surrounding it. ziggurat: massive temples built out of mud bricks for the gods , cuneiform: upper class citizens used _ to record information, polytheism: the belief in or worship of more than one god, hammurabi: babylonian king _ established a set of laws , paleolithic: mesopotamia existed during the _ era.