Organic Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

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Organic Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: alkane :saturated hydrocarbon the general formula cnh2n+2 (6), alkene :unsaturated hydrocarbon whose general formula is cnh2n (6), cracking :the reaction used in the oil industry to break down large hydrocarbons into smaller, more useful ones (8), distillation :separation of a liquid from a mixture by evaporation followed by condensation (12), double : _ bond is a covalent bond made by the sharing of two pairs of electrons (6,4), flammable :easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly (9), fraction :hydrocarbons with similar boiling points separated from crude oil (8), hydrocarbon :a compound containing only hydrogen and carbon (11), saturated : describes a hydrocarbon with only single bonds between its carbon atoms. (9), unsaturated : a hydrocarbon whose molecules contains at least one carbon– carbon double bond (11), viscosity : the resistance of a liquid to flowing or pouring; a liquid’s ‘thickness’ (9), polymer :a substance made from very large molecules made up of many repeating units (7), monomers :small reactive molecules that react together in repeating sequences to form a very large molecule (a polymer) (8), fermentation :the reaction in which the enzymes in yeast turn glucose into ethanol and carbon dioxide (12)