Newtons Laws Vocab Crossword Puzzle

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Newtons Laws Vocab Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: changes: object can accelerate when direction _ , weight: the gravitational force between you and the earth, gravity: pull you downward, balanced: two or more forces acting on an object where the effect cancels each other out is known as _ force. , rolling: _ friction is needed to make a wheel or tire turn , third: as per newton's _ law of motion, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction , sliding: _ friction is a force must be applied to move through rough areas of the surface. , friction: a force that acts to resist sliding/moving between two touching surfaces, force: a push or a pull on an object, acceleration: speed up, slow down and turn , circular: in _ motion, direction is constantly changing when you are experiencing curricular motion. , second: as per newton's _ law of motion, an object acted upon by the net force will accelerate in direction of force, net: _ force means when all the forces acting on an object, combining: _ forces are more than one force can act on an object at the same time. , first: according to newton's _ law of motion, if there is no net force acting on an object the object remains at rest, static friction: the type of friction that prevents an object from moving.