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Nebula Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: oberon : the second largest moon of uranus; the king of the fairies in shakespeare's ' a midsummer night's dream' (6), red shift : an effect which provides evidence of the expansion of the universe (3,5), neutron star : forms after the collapse of a massive supergiant star (7,4), galileo : an italian scientist held under house arrest by the catholic church due to his heliocentric model of the universe (7), andromeda : the nearest large galaxy to the milky way; the daughter of king cepheus in greek mythology (9), constellation : a group of visible stars which forms a perceived pattern or outline, typically representing an animal, mythological subject, or inanimate object (13), galaxy : e.g. the eye of sauron; also a type of phone and uk chocolate bar (6), buzz : first name of the second person on the moon; character in 'toy story' (4), satellite : can be both natural (e.g. the moon) and artificial (e.g. sputnik 1) (9), supernova : the powerful and luminous explosion of a star (9), comet : an icy body in the solar system which has a highly elliptical orbit and sometimes produces a tail (5), saturn : the planet in our solar system with the most moons; roman god of time, wealth, agriculture, and liberation (6), light year : a unit of length used to express astronomical distances; pixar film released in 2022 (9), hydrogen : the most abundant element in the universe (8), mercury : both a planet in our solar system and a chemical element (7)