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Mechanisms Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: see-saw : an example of a class 1 lever, rotary : movement in a circular direction, pivot : a point round which the effort and the load revolve, output motion : the resulting movement operated by mechanism, fan blades : a type of item that produces rotary motion, linear : movement one way in a straight line, oscillating : forward and backward movement in an arc, reverse motion : linkage used to obtain the opposite output motion from the input motion, class 1 : lever that has the fulcrum between the load and the effort, pedal bin : an example of a linkage, class 2 : a lever that the load between the effort and the pivot, linkages : levers connected together, input motion : motion involved in operating a machine, mechanisms : a device that can change movement, lever : beam that can rotate freely about a fixed point, crank : a linkage that turns a reciprocating motion into a rotary one, velocity ration : comparison of the distance moved by the load to the one moved by the effort, pulley : a wheel that turns easily on an axle