Kuiper Belt & Pluto Crossword Puzzle

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Kuiper Belt & Pluto Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: new horizons: first spacecraft to visit a kbo, gerard kuiper: kuiper belt is named after, dwarf: pluto is now considered a _ planet, donut: shape of the kuiper belt , clyde w tombaugh: who discovered pluto , comets: kuiper belt produces _ , size: pluto was questioned for it's _ . , pluto: first object to come from the kuiper belt, short-period: type of comets produced, gravity: neptune's _ affects the belts region of space, eroding: belt is _ away, planet x: theorized planet lowell was looking for , lowell: observatory clyde worked at, icy objects: made of remnants left over from the formation of the solar system, pluto: name if the discovered planet, percival lowell: person who theorized a planet beyond neptune, ninth: pluto was considered the _ planet. , kbo: abbreviation for kuiper belt objects, charon: pluto's biggest moon, iau: abbreviation for international astronomical union