Identity Poetry Revision Crossword Puzzle

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Identity Poetry Revision Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: masculine: what word means 'having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, feminine: what word means 'having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, feminist: an advocate for women's rights, role model: dorothy parker is considered one of these as a feminist, systemic: a type of racism, where the policies or systems of a country advantage white people, anaphora: repetition of a same word or phrase at the beginning of a stanza or line, enjambment: when a line of poetry overruns into the next line or stanza, context: the circumstances, points of view or history that informs a text , parker: the surname of the poet who 'was unafraid to talk to men', pronoun: he, she, it, they, language: the fourth step in analyzing poetry, structure: the organization or layout of a poem e.g. enjambment/ repetition/ anaphora are all examples of this. , strange fruit: the poem where the beautiful imagery of nature is juxtaposed/ contrasted with the horror of lynching, metaphor: a figure of speech that describes am object or action in a way that is not literally true, simile: the grass was as green as an emerald is an example of which technique?