Greeks and Romans Crossword Puzzle

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Greeks and Romans Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: athens: birthplace of democracy and the head of the delian league , republic: a form of government in which people vote for representatives who make laws, christianity: a new religion during the roman empire whose followers were persecuted and punished , constantine: the first roman emperor to convert to and endorse christianity, dorian: to be a full citizen in sparta, one had to be a free male, have _ ancestry, and military experience, patrician: wealthy landowners in rome who passed laws and could be part of the senate, consuls: two of these were elected each year and functioned like for the military and one for rome, octavian: became the first real emperor of rome and changed his name to augustus, cleopatra: had romantic relationships with both julius caesar and mark antony, suicide: how mark antony died, trojan: the war that made achilles, ajax, hector, and ulysses famous , alexander: took over the macedonian army at age 20 when his father was murdered, socrates: a philosopher who was put to death for corrupting minds and stirring up trouble, hellenism: a period known for cultural diffusion and trad among all parts of alexander's empire, emperor: in the years after the fall of the republic, rome was known to have several of these who were crazy