Fundamentals of Algebra Crossword Puzzle

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Fundamentals of Algebra Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: variable: used in equations in place of numbers allows the statement of relationships among numbers that are unknown or unspecified, simplifying: the order of operations provides rules that must be followed when doing this to expressions, expression: refers to a quantity but does not make a statement about it, evaluate: to replace the variable in an algebraic expression with a given number and simplify, equation: a statement about quantities mentioned in an expression, quantity: measure or count of something, operations: when simplifying expressions you must perform this in the correct order, factor: y in 4y and 16y, estimate: roughly, numerator: 3 in 3/4, denominator: 4 in 3/4, distribution: how to go from a(b+c) to ab+ac, term: 5x in 5x+7, coefficient: refers to the quantity a variable is multiplied by, integers: whole numbers, like terms: terms whose variables are the same