Feudalism Crossword Puzzle

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Feudalism Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: lord: those of noble l birth, the land owners, manor : house of a lord and the lands attached to it, granted by royal charter with rights of inheritance. , feudalism : a system where the king owns the land and gave it to his leading nobles in return for their loyalty and military service, moat : a wide water filled trench, that surrounds a castle or manor, used as protection from attack, chivalry : the code of ethics and conduct that a knight follows; valor, loyal, honorable, and courteous, serf : a person who is not free, works for a lord and works the land, if his lord sold the land, the serf was passed to the new landlord, also called a peasant, knight : a warrior during the middle ages, appointed by royalty for loyalty and fighting skills, had to be from the nobility, medieval : a term used for the time period of the middle ages, 500 a.d. - 1450 a.d, king: grants land to his many lords, loyalty: the knights pledged their _ to the lords and king, peasants: made up the majority of the population, village: a manor usually included one or more _ , protection: feudalism provided _ for the lower class people, horseback: most knights fought on _ .