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Cytology Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: stem cells : blast cells are also called _ , lumen : the hollow inside portion of a body cavity or tube, histology : the study of tissues, epethelia : tissues that cover the body and line cavities inside the body, simple : _ epithelia - single layer of epithelia, stratified : _ epithelia - multiple layers of epithelia, squamous : _ epithelia - flat epethelia, cuboidal : _ epithelia - cube shaped epithelia, columnar : _ epithelia - tall skinny epethelia, connective tissue : type of tissue that includes connective tissue, cartilage, bone, blood, collagen fibers : these fibers are strong and resist stretching, elastic fibers : these fibers give springiness and elasticity to tissues, cartilage : the part of the skeleton that is found on the ends of bones and between bones that provides support and flexibility while minimizing friction, nerve tissues : class of tissue that has the ability to transmit information using electric signals, muscle tissue : most common type of muscle, glands : specialized epithelia that produce and excrete substances, elastic : _ cartilage - tissue found in external ear and epiglottis, hyaline : _ cartilage - forms the shiny substance at the end of a chicken or turkey leg bone, ends of ribs, nose, trachea, and larynx, epiglottis : flap of tissue in throat that prevents food and water from entering lungs, muscle tissue : made of actin and myosin