Engine Maintenance Crossword Puzzle

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Engine Maintenance Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: intake: _ valve opens just before the intake stroke begins, exhaust: _ valve opens just before the exhaust stroke begins, camshaft: _ sprocket is responsible for maintaining the timing between the crankshaft and the camshaft, timing chain: a continuous roller chain that drives the camshaft of an engine from the crankshaft, vtype: an engine that has the cylinders set in two rows, fuel rail: responsible for stably supplying fuel, such as gasoline, to the injector, carburetor: a device that mixes fuel with air and supplies the combustible mixture to the intake manifold, throttle: _ valve is responses to accelerator pedal position to admit more or less air or air-fuel mixture into the intake manifold, octane: _ number measures the antiknock quality of a gasoline, catalytic: _ converter cleans the exhaust gas by reducing the pollutants, gasoline: the most widely used fuel for automotive engines, monoxide: carbon _ formed during incomplete combustion, thrust: _ washer limits the forward and rearward movement of the crankshaft, leaded: a type of gasoline that is harmful to the emission-control devices