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Ceramics Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: primary: pure white clay found closest to the parent rock, secondary: sedimentary clay found far from parent rock, weathering: the process that transforms rocks into smaller pieces , refractory: resistant to melting, slip: the liquid form of clay, bisque: the first firing, glaze: glassy coating that seals the pore of the clay and makes it suitable for eating or drinking, igneous: rocks formed by the cooling of magma, flux: a chemical or mineral that changes the melting point of a clay or glaze, kiln: the oven used to fire clay, pinch: the method of creating forms in clay using only your fingers, feldspar: the parent rock of clay, wax: prevents glaze from getting to the clay, keeps the foot dry, paddle: tool used to remove bumps from the surface of clay, leather hard: clay that is cold to the touch, doesn't bend without cracking, vitrify: clay body is fired to maximum temperature; the pores seal up; fired to maturity, intrusive: igneous rock that cooled slowly and has large crystalline forms, granite: rock containing feldspar and silica, air: a bubble of this substance can result in the pottery exploding in the kiln