Cell Structures Crossword Puzzle

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Cell Structures Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: eukaryotic : cell with a nucleus and other organelles, flagella : tail-like structure used for movement; found in animal cells and many bacteria, chloroplasts : where photosynthesis occurs; in plant cells only, prokaryotic : cell that lacks organelles, vacuole : stores food, water, waste; much larger in plant cells, nucleus : control center; contains dna (genetic material), cell membrane : controls what comes in and out of the cell, plant cell : type of eukaryotic cell with chloroplasts, a cell wall, and a central vacuole, cytoplasm : jelly-like substance the cell organelles float in, ser : where lipids are produced, golgi body : where proteins go to get sorted and packaged, ribosome : machines that produce proteins, dna : instructions for making proteins; stored in nucleus, animal cell : type of eukaryotic cell with lysosomes and centrioles, rer : extends off the nucleus, where certain proteins are produced, cell wall : gives support and protection to plant cells; also found in bacteria, mitochondria : makes atp (chemical energy) through cell respiration